Mike Tyson say’s he’d like to be a missionary

London: Mike Tyson has said that he is still in pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming a missionary but things are harder now since he has a family.

The former boxing champion, who is touring the states as part of his monologue show ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth - Live On Stage’, made the revelation in a rambling Q and A session with the audience at the Spirit Conference Centre in Slough.

“I’d still like to be a missionary — but it’s hard when you’ve got kids and stuff. Everything’s harder. And I’m Muslim. And vegan...” a daily quoted him as saying.

He also mentioned that he has been sober for a while now and still believes in the AA programme.

“Yes. I last had a drink over three years ago, and we all have fearsome moments."

“I can’t imagine ever doing cocaine again."

“But booze? I hope I don’t. I don’t go to AA no more, but I still believe in the programme,” he added.