Muamba expresses gratitude towards hospital staff with thank-you cake

London: Bolton Wanderer’s midfielder Fabrice Muamba has expressed his gratitude towards the hospital staff who helped him recover from the near fatal cardiac arrest he suffered on the football field by giving them a huge thank-you cake.

Muamba is expected to be transferred to a clinic in the Northwest nearer his home soon, and his parting gift to London medics was a 16-inch vanilla sponge cake iced with the words: “To all the Medical Staff at the London Chest Hospital that helped me on the road to recovery, from Fabrice Muamba and Family.”

Muamba has made an astonishing recovery after being ‘clinically dead’ for 78 minutes following a cardiac arrest during his team’s FA Cup tie against Tottenham last month, The Sun reports.

Despite a drastic improvement in his condition, it is still feared Muamba would never play professionally again, but tests on the midfielder have reportedly revealed ‘no physical reason’ why he cannot play again, and resume his Premier League career in future seasons.

Heart specialists are poised to confirm they predict no long-term issues that would prevent him taking to the pitch.

Before leaving the London Chest Hospital, Muamba is expected to be fitted with a special defibrillator pacemaker in case he suffers another cardiac arrest in future.

He will be admitted to Alexandra Hospital, in Cheadle, Cheshire, to be near his family home he shares with fiancée Shaunna and young son Joshua.