‘Mysterious killer beast’ lurking in waters near 2012 London Olympics site

London: A mysterious killer beast is lurking in waters near the 2012 London Olympics site.

According to a witness, the creature, possibly an alligator or a giant snake, dragged a 16lb Canada Goose under the River Lea so fast that it disappeared without a sound.

“The bird just went vertically down. I was gobsmacked. There was no sign of what took it, but it was obviously pretty big,” said Mike Wells, who saw the attack from a boat.

The number of swans on the river and waterways near the nine billion pound park in East London is also dropping, The Sun reports.

Mike believes it is the same creature seen dragging a goose beneath the Lea in 2005.

“It must be the same creature. Some people I’ve spoken to think it could be a very large pike and I’ve seen some turtles about a foot across, but they’re not really big enough to take a goose,” he said.

At that time, wildlife experts suspected it was an alligator or a giant turtle after finding 8-feet long holes burrowed in the bank.

A spokesman for British Waterways said the creature might be a “giant pike” or mink, a mammal known to attack ducks or small geese.

“The other possibility is a terrapin, but they’re more likely to go for ducks,” he added.


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