Natasha Giggs gets awkward greeting from Nicola McLean at CBB house

London: Nicola McLean gave an awkward greeting to Natasha Giggs as they came face to face in the Celebrity Big Brother house after their public feud over sex scandal.

The blonde glamour model had expressed her disgust at the thought of Natasha being a housemate and claimed she “makes money from ruining people’s lives” referring to her alleged eight-year affair with married brother-in law Ryan Giggs.

She had also recently said that sharing a house with her would be her worst nightmare, the Daily Mail reported.

As Natasha made her way down the stairs and into the house, it was clear to see that mother-of-two Nicola wasn’t pleased.

After all of the other celebrities had said their hellos, Nicola forced herself from the sofa and gave the brunette an awkward greeting.

“Let’s just have a good time,” she told her.

The 29-year-old- who was married to the footballer’s brother Rhodri had exposed her story last year.

According to the Daily Star, Natasha has admitted that she is ready to give details of the affair and added that Ryan won’t be too pleased.

“Ryan will be seething when he sees I’ve gone in the house. He’s terrified about what else I could say,” she said.

The entry to the house may offer a chance for Natasha to change the public’s perception of her.

“I was one of two people who did the same thing. It’s hardly fair that his reputation has hardly been affected,” she said.

Natasha also had something to say about her fellow housemate Nicola.

“For someone who constantly goes on about how you shouldn’t judge someone until you know them I think she is a bit of a hypocrite,” she told the newspaper.

“If she thinks I’m a walkover, she is dreaming,” she added.