Natasha Giggs says Ryan is terrified she’ll tell all about affair on Big Brother

London: Natasha Giggs, who entered the famous doors of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on its opening night to become a housemate, has revealed that her brother-in-law Ryan will be “terrified” if she’ll tell all about their affair on the show.

Despite not actually being famous in her own right, the 29-year-old walked through the doors on opening night alongside ‘The X Factor’ reject Frankie Cocozza, former ‘EastEnder’ Natalie Cassidy and Kirk Norcross from ‘TOWIE’.

Prior to signing up for the fly-on-the-wall series, the footballer’s sister-in-law was married to his brother Rhodri, until her eight-year affair was exposed.

“Ryan will be seething when he sees I’ve gone in the house. He’s terrified what else I could say,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling the Daily Star during a pre-series interview.

“I was one of two people who did the same thing. It’s hardly fair that his reputation has hardly been affected.

“Everyone sees me as some sort of football-hungry idiot. It would be nice if people saw me in a different light. I’m just a normal person,” she said.

The truth about her affair surfaced only after Ryan took out a super-injunction against his other fling with Imogen Thomas.