Nicole Scherzinger’s secret behind fab body revealed!

London: Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger credits “SoulCycle” classes, for her enviable figure and laid-back personality.

The 34-year-old singer raved about the exercise trend, where spiritual messages are shouted at people while they workout by candlelight, and described the exercise as “spinning and therapy at exact same time.

“It’s a super cool spinning class that’s beyond spinning. It’s a club and it’s only candle-lit. It’s inspiring and empowering,”

“You need it because you are exhausted and pushing yourself to the limit physically. So mentally and spiritually you release as well, you push yourself so it feels good.

“They’re like: ‘be the warrior,’ ‘you can do it,’ ‘let go of your demons!’ ‘Rahhh!!!’” she said, while explaining how instructors shouted motivating mantras to participants as they pedalled.

SoulCycle was founded by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, who first launched their concept for an exercise class, that “frees your mind and works your body” in Big Apple.

It was so successful that they expanded it to LA and now are planning to open further studios, including one in London in 2013.

The pair have described their classes as “an intense full-body workout with a fun and energizing atmosphere.

“By keeping the lights low and riding by candlelight, SoulCycle creates a cardio sanctuary where riders can come to clear their heads,” they sai


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