Novak Djokovic has an airplane named after him!

Washington: Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has got a commercial jet named after him and a Djokovic-named Airbus 319 ins the first in a series of `Serbia living legends` to appear on the new Air Serbia aircraft.

According to CNN, the series is part of a major rebranding for the national carrier, from Jet Airways to Air Serbia.

A total of 14 aircraft named after Serbian identities will be revealed over the next few months, the report said.

Djokovic gets his name painted under the national flag on the livery, the report added.

Chief Executive Officer of Air Serbia said that the player had shown over the years a competitive spirit and an enviable ability to overcome big challenges that is now legendary right across the world.

Etihad Airways, the Abu-Dhabi-based carrier, will manage the rebranded Air Serbia from this month, according to the report.