Russians learn English for 2014 Winter Olympics

Moscow: A programme has been launched to teach everyone in Russia`s Sochi resort city more than 600 words of English before it hosts the Winter Olympics in 2014.

According to Russian newspaper Kommersant, the "Word of the Day" scheme will display English vocabulary throughout Sochi, with the average Sochi resident reportedly expected to encounter each day`s word five times.

"The residents of the city of Sochi will see and hear one word or one phrase daily, as spoken by a native speaker," said Olga Medvedeva, head of the Sochi education department.

The plan relies on locals learning "on a subconscious level", she said.

The goal is to turn Sochi`s residents into useful guides for foreigners travelling to the Olympics, Medvedeva said.

"Every resident of the city of Sochi will be able to greet guests, say kind words and give directions."

A force of 25,000 volunteers is being recruited and trained in cities across Russia for the games in February 2014, with a further 3,000 local volunteers expected to guide visitors in Sochi.