Shakira`s child will be FC Barcelona member at birth

Ginebra: The child that Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique and Colombian singer Shakira expect this January will be an FC Barcelona soccer club member from the minute the baby is born.

The Barcelona defender confirmed this in a statement on recalling that his parents made him a Barcelona member as soon as he was born and that he will do the same for his firstborn.

Pique was born in February 1987 and soon afterwards got his first membership card from the Catalan club - and recently received the insignia that FC Barcelona gives everyone who celebrates his silver anniversary - 25 years - as a member of the blue-and-red.

The soccer star said it was the idea of his maternal grandfather, Amador Bernabeu, and since then both he and his parents made Pique aware "of what it means to be a fan, to be a Barcelona supporter and I`m very proud of that", he added.

In the brief interview, he also spoke about his personal life and the change brought about by his relationship with the Colombian singer.

"I believe love changes you. It`s a very important part of your life and when you have it, you see things differently. When you`re alone, you concentrate a lot on soccer and your pals," he said.

"Now it`s all about your companion and besides there`s also a baby on the way, so I mean things change and you have to adapt. But I think that everything that`s happening to me is beautiful," he said.