Shane Warne poses with look-alike ‘cuddly’ lion

Updated: Feb 23, 2012, 18:45 PM IST

London: Elizabeth Hurley has posted a snap of her fiance Shane Warne, in which he is seen posing with a toy lion.

As per reports, the Aussie sportsman’s dyed blond locks make him a dead ringer for the furry feline with its dark yellow mane.

And even Liz, 46, couldn’t seem to tell them apart, tweeting the pic alongside the cheeky message: “Spot the difference.”

The one-time wildman was in recent times spotted in girlie Ugg boots, confirming his newfound love for the metrosexual look.

However, the former spin bowler has taken some serious criticism for his new style, recently being named UnAustralian of the Year by the Aussie version of Zoo magazine.

The title, for bringing “shame, ridicule and humiliation” to his home nation, was awarded to the 42-year-old because of his “woeful makeover.”

“He’s a bloke who went from eating baked beans to being the same colour as them. He looks like Teri Hatcher’s stunt double,” Zoo editor Tim Keen said.

“We’re all for punching above your weight but you’ve got to go in the ring with the same body you had at the weigh-in,” Keen added.

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