Sreesanth worships at Guruvayoor in "Krishnattam" costumes

Guruvayoor (Kerala): Indian cricketer S Sreesanth, who has been out of the team for quite some now, paid obeisance at the famed Sree Krishna temple decked up in a colourful costume for the devotional "Krishattam" dance-drama.

Accompanied by his parents, the 29-year old Keralite turned up at the shrine donning the glittering outfits of the four-armed "Viswaroopam" of Lord Vishnu after the "deeparadhana" last evening.

According to temple sources, sometimes parents make a vow to have their children pray in this costume for their good health and wellbeing.

Sreesanth, who has been out of action since May last due to toe injuries, wore a pink puffed-up skirt, had his face painted in green and topped with a stone-studded headgear, which are part of the make-up of the characters in classical performing traditions like Kathakali, Koodiyttam and Krishnattam.

The temperamental speedster had last played for India in the Tests against England in August 2011.

Krishattam, performed in the Guruvayoor temple all evenings, is a slight variant of Kathakali.

While Kathakali plays enact a wide range of mythical stories, and even secular themes occasionally, Krishnattam is restricted to episodes linked to Lord Krishna.