Ana Ivanovic hopes her career is on its way up

Dubai: Ana Ivanovic - a former world No 1 who won her first grand slam at 21 in 2008 - carries on today just trying to win the next match she plays in from one tournament to another.

After her early successes, she is currently ranked at No 18 and her on-court earnings amount to 140,323 dollars for the year to February 20, but she hopes things will improve.

I really hope I am on my way back… It has been a very tough two years. I was taking things for granted,” Gulf News quoted her as saying.

“At first everything seemed easy, I was winning a lot of matches and getting a lot of success, but now I have learnt to appreciate the good times, because in your career there are always going to be ups and downs no matter what you do.

“What is important is how you deal with the downs and I feel that because of this I am more experienced as a player,” she said.