Roger Federer fresh for another Australian Open

Updated: Jan 14, 2013, 09:28 AM IST

Melbourne: Two days before the start of the Australia Open, tennis great Roger Federer is as serenely sure of himself as ever.

The 31-year-old world No.2 hasn`t yet competed in 2013. Instead of playing in Abu Dhabi, Perth, Doha, Brisbane or Sydney, Federer has been on the practice court and in the gym, something he believes will stand him in better stead in his advancing years.

"It`s been very relaxing, the last few one and a half months," Federer said.

"I arrived really early, two, three days earlier than in the past, which has been quite nice.”

"I purposely didn`t play a lead-up tournament so that I`d be fresh for the beginning, hopefully going deep into the tournament. That`s the goal, obviously," said Federer.

Federer is as motivated as he was as a 20-year-old, albeit for different reasons.

"I`m ready to go and eager. That to me right now dominates," he said.

"I think as long as that`s the case that means I love it very much."

"Today I take much more pleasure out of doing the gym work than I ever have. Today things for me make sense. I know why I`m doing them. I know they are necessary.

"I know I won`t win all the tournaments I enter," he said.

"But it`s important that I enjoy it and I try as hard as I can and put myself deep in the tournaments like I did last year."