Bernard Tomic`s `barbaric` father shot son in leg in `bizarre` test of manhood

Sydney: The diaries of Aussie tennis star Bernard Tomic`s former hitting partner, Thomas Drouet, who was head-butted by Tomic`s father outside a Madrid hotel, have revealed that the coach shot the player in the leg with a BB gun in a bizarre test of manhood, as another team member said he was a barbarian.

According to, the diaries reveal that John Tomic slashed the pay of his practice partner on Christmas Day and raced at 160kph across France in order to win a free meal.

Far from the disciplined lifestyle of a top-class professional athlete, the exclusive insight shows Tomic sneaking out at night to party with friends, playing video games till 5am, refusing to train and being derided by others on the circuit for `tanking` matches, the report said.

Drouet`s amazing account can be published for the first time after John Tomic was found guilty this month by a Spanish court of head butting Drouet in a brutal assault on May 4, the report added.

Before the assault Drouet, 30, had been keeping a diary for what he thought would be a treasured keepsake to show his children from his seven months working in the team of the rising tennis star Tomic, the report further said.


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