Federer backs call for shorter ATP schedule

Stockholm: Roger Federer backed calls for a shortening of the ATP season, with the president of the Player Council saying that the proposal is simply a smart move.

"It makes complete sense to finish the season a bit earlier," said the world number two Swiss after winning his 64th career title with a 6-4, 6-3 victory over Florian Mayer at the Stockholm Open yesterday.

"I`m not complaining personally. I don`t mind since I just take breaks during the season. But for the average player it`s smart to finish at some stage and have a proper off-season."

The ATP board ATP is due to discuss the controversial issue next month at the season-ending World Tour Finals in London. CEO Adam Helfant has said that the 11-month schedule can be shaved without forcing even one event out of business. A strategy which has yet to be fully explained.

Federer, who won his third title of the season from his seventh final and 15th event of 2010, said that for some reason, the season seemed longer than ever.

But he cautioned against hysteria.

"We are speaking of cutting the calendar by a couple of weeks. I hope we can have some kind of compromise. We all want peace and harmony."