French Open: Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer – As it happened…

Suyash Srivastava/Zeenews Sports Bureau

Paris: Novak Djokovic defeats Roger Federer 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 in the semi-final of French Open 2012 to book a berth for the final where he will meet defending champion Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic won the first set easily and Federer in spite of losing it looked in good nick. He made a good comeback in the second set and was leading at 3-0 at one stage. But, the kind of fighter he is, Novak Djokovic once again proved why is he the World No. 1 as he went on to win the set which came as a huge surprise for Roger, who could put no show in the third and final set.

Djokovic to serve: Both the players won a point each before Roger failed to return one as Novak lead 30-15. Roger moved to the nets after a good rally and Novak returned it perfectly out of his reach. Novak had three match points and he wasted one by hitting a shot Wide. But Novak then did a brilliant serve to seal his berth for the final against Rafel Nadal!

Federer to serve: Federer won the first game and advanced to the nets to hit a second winner. Novak’s return hit the nets and Roger extends his lead to 30-15. A terrific forehand from Novak produces a winner for him and Roger also hits one to lead 40-30 in the game. Novak came to the nets and Roger flicks the ball over Novak’s head for a great winner! Novak leads 5-3.

Djokovic to serve: Novak won the first point and followed it with a second serve ace. Roger’s return then hit the nets and Novak lead 40-0. Like the most part of this match, another return from Roger goes wide and Novak is now just one game away from sealing his berth for the final!

Federer to serve: After a good volley, Roger ended up hitting one wide. It was followed by an ace. (15-15). Roger made a double fault and went on to win the next two games. At deuce, Roger won another point to take the advantage. One of Roger’s forehand crashes to the nets and Novak extends his lead to 4-2.

Djokovic to serve: Novak continues to hold onto his serve, gets a 3-2 lead. Federer hasn’t been serving like he is known to and Novak continues to play like the World No. 1! It could be straight victory for Djokovic!

Federer to serve: Roger has decided to come to the nets more often and he wins the first two points. Another fast pace from him produces another point. (40-0) Novak plays a drop shot and Noval scores the winner, but Roger goes on to win the game by sealing the next point! Scores leveled (2-2)

Djokovic to serve: Novak won the first three points after which Roger sealed one. But then one of Roger’s backhand went wide as Novak held to his serve to lead 2-1. Federer is making plenty of errors and he seems to have given up a bit early!

Federer to serve: Djokovic was leading 30-0 after which Federer won the next three points and sealed the game with a fast service! Scores leveled (1-1)

Djokovic to serve: And he wins the first game easily to lead 1-0 in the third set.

Novak Djokovic leads 6-4, 7-5

After leading 3-0 in the second set, Roger played some casual tennis and that is the least you want to do against the World No. 1. In spite of some errors, Novak has certainly looked the better of the two player so far!

Federer to serve: He begins with a double fault! Federer follows it with a very lose shot that gives Novak another point. Novak hits one backhand shot into the nets. After a good rally, Roger hits one wide that gives Noval two set points! And he does it! He takes away the second set as well! (7-5)

Djokovic to serve: Novak was leading 30-0 before one of his shots hit the top of nets and fell wide. The next point saw a good rally between the two top class players and it was won by Novak as Federer hit won wide. Novak also won the next point and for the first time lead in the set. (6-5). Federer is slowly losing his grip!

Federer to serve for the set: Novak was leading 30-0 in the game after which Federer sealed a point with an ace. Novak got two break points in the game which was reduced to just one as Roger sent him back and then advanced to hit a winner. Novak wins the game once again, breaks the serve! Scores leveled (5-5)

Djokovic to serve: Federer won the first two game and was leading 30-0 before he hit one shot wide. Another lovely backhand gave him two break points again! He finally broke Novak’s serve and extended his lead 5-4! The crowd has once again Erupted!

Federer to serve: Djokovic lost the second point, immediately after which he shouts Watch It! Three back to back forehands from Novak produces a point in his favour. This game produced one of the best tennis we have seen from the two great players! Novak had one break point in the game and he straight away capitalizes on it. He has the scores leveled. 4-4.

Djokovic to serve: Federer lead 30-0 in the game as the Serb hit forehand winner. Djokovic played the next shot to the nets and Federer had two break points. Djokovic hit one shot wide, as Federer had two break points at 40-15. A good serve from Djokovic produced another point in his favour and he managed to extend the game to deuce. Djokovic hit another shot wide to bring the game back to deuce. Djokovic hit a return from Federer wide and Federer once again got the advantage. Federer then hit one to the nets to take the match once again to deuce. Another backhand from Federer crashed into the nets and Djokovic had the advantage and he capitalized this time to reduce his opponent’s lead to 4-3. Federer could not capitalize on three break points in the game! From 0-3, Djokovic had moved to 3-4.

Federer to serve: Novak mistimed a drop shot as Federer capitalized on it to hit a winner. The game was extended to deuce after which Federer won another point to take the advantage. He then sealed the point with an express pace service. Federer leads 4-2.

Djokovic to serve: He is back in some form as he holds onto his serve. He now trails 2-3.

Federer to serve: Djokovic breaks the serve and wins his first game of the set. Federer leads 3-1.

Djokovic to serve: Federer seems to have gained the momentum! He is hitting winners from the middle of the racket as the World No. 1 has started to look a bit shaky. Federer had a break point at 30-40 and he takes a 3 love lead in the third set!

Federer to serve: He wins four straight points to extend his lead 2-0. He was leading 40-0 in the game and sealed the game with an ace!

Djokovic to serve: The game had a rally that lasted for 36 shots! Federer won that game that brought the crowd on their feet. Federer has huge support from the crowd and his winners are receiving HUGE APPLAUSE from the crowd! Federer breaks Djokovic serve to lead 1-0 in the second set.

Djokovic has so far lived up to the expectations of his fans. Federer who defeated him last year is all of a sudden under some kind of pressure!

Federer to serve: And the World No. 1 has managed to break the serve to take the first set (6-4)!

Djokovic holds on to his serve to lead 5-4.

Federer to serve. He won the first game and Djokovic won the second. Federer levels scores (4-4)

Djokovic holds onto his serve. The World No. 1 leads 4-3. Federer could not win a single game in that point.

Federer to serve. Djokovic breaks his serve to level 3-3.

Djokovic to serve. Federer leads 30-15, Djokovic is hitting too many shots at the nets. Federer had two consecutive break points in the game and he smashed a winner to lead 3-2.

Federer smashes two good looking forehands which were winners. Federer equalizes scores 2-2.

Djokovic leads 2-1.

Both the players came onto the field amid rousing welcome and soon left as bad weather has delayed the start of game for the time being.

Both the players moved into the quarter-finals after battling through two five-setter’s. Federer was two sets to love down against Juan Martin del Potro while World No. 1 Djokovic had to save four match points against Wilfried Tsonga.

Even though Federer leads their head-to-heads 14-11, Djokovic has been the World’s best tennis player for quite some time now.

Djokovic lost in four sets to Federer in last year`s French Open semi-finals, but keeping his current form in mind, he would like to outlclass his opponent to face Nadal in the final.

The World No. 1 is bidding to become only the third player in 43 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time, after Rod Laver achieved the fabulous feat for the second time.