IOC award for Manisha

New Delhi: Manisha Malhotra, a former India tennis player and Busan Asian Games silver medallist, was on Friday chosen as winner of the IOC Women and Sport Awards World Trophy by the International Olympic Committee for promoting women in sports.

Malhotra, who competed for India in the doubles at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, was one of six winners at the Women and Sports Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The Mumbai girl received the World Trophy for helping disadvantaged girls.

The IOC said that she "worked tirelessly to promote female leaders in all aspects of sport in the economic sector."

"I was really blessed and I owe a lot to sport. I got to travel and see the world. And I always wanted to give back to sport in whichever way I could," Malhotra, who won silver medal at 2002 Asian Games with Mahesh Bhupathi, said.

"I realised that tennis players are more privileged than many other athletes in India," she added.

As a founding member of the Mittal Champions Trust, which promotes sport and its values through funding and financial help, Malhotra has been successful in helping many athletes.

"The support from the Trust doesn`t only go to girls. We help anybody who really deserves it. When we started researching about who really needed the funding the most, it was a no-brainer that it was the women athletes who were the most impoverished," she said.