Murray calls for sterner drug tests in tennis to avoid Armstrong-like scandal

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2012, 16:42 PM IST

London: British tennis star Andy Murray has called on tennis authorities to get tougher on doping in the wake of Lance Armstrong scandal, and advised the authorities to undertake more out of competition testing.

“You never know in any sport what’s really going on,” the Telegraph quoted Murray, as saying.

“I think the out of competition stuff could probably get better. When we’re in December and stuff, when people are training and setting their bases, I think it would be good to try and do more around that time,’ he added.

“On Saturday night, we actually had a blood test. They came to the hotel late that night ­­ — it was completely random. I think that’s good; we’re not used to doing that many blood tests in tennis [and] it’s something that’s obviously necessary,” he said.

Murray added: “It’s a shame for their sport [cycling] but how they managed to get away with it is incredible, for that long.”