Murray doesn’t expect to become ‘BBC Sports Personality Of the Year’

London: Andy Murray has accepted that even an Olympic gold medal and the US Open title will not be enough to make him BBC Sports Personality Of the Year.

In most other years, becoming the first British man to win a Slam for 76 years would be enough, but he will be training in Florida rather than looking back in the studio on December 16.

“It is not to do with me not wanting to go. It is to do with the way our season works out,” the Daily Express quoted Murray, as saying.

Murray was speaking after being knocked out of the ATP World Tour Finals in Sunday night’s semi-final by Roger Federer.

“It is not that it is not possible. It is just that period of the year for me is so important. For all of the players it is because we don’t have breaks like other sports for two or three months at a time,” Murray added.

“Now I will have a week off to rest and go on holiday and then we need to start training again,” he said.

“The first events are in one of the hottest places you can play, in the middle of the Australian summer. If I were to get tired in the fifth set in the final of the Australian Open and struggled physically for the last 10 or 15 minutes, who knows, those three days’ training I miss could make that bit of difference,” he added.

Murray further said: “That is the reason why I probably won’t be going. I don’t know who would expect to win it. There are so many outstanding performers.”

“Chris Hoy became our most successful Olympian. Bradley Wiggins, what he did...the Tour de France is one of the hardest physical sports by far. Then there are Olympic medallists. It is going to be hard to pick,” he concluded.


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