Murray fears Muamba like case can transpire in tennis as well

London: British tennis star Andy Murray, who has long campaigned against player burnout, has expressed fears that a Fabrice Muamba like cardiac arrest case can take place in tennis as well.

Murray has urged the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the sport’s authorities to ensure and safeguard the health of players.

He revealed that until three years back, he never had any regular heart check up, but now he has started having regular checkups. Murray also urged every sports person to have regular checkups.

“Up until three years ago I had no regular checks. But as my team and I became more professional, I now get my heart screened once a year. Every player should have the same,” a daily quoted Murray, as saying.

“I saw what happened to Fabrice and it was shocking. I don`t want to ever see that on a tennis court, or anywhere else for that matter,” he said.

“Governing bodies like the FA and the ATP need to take a serious look at everything. All sports should be looking at how they care for their athletes after this,” Murray added.

Murray blasted ATP for focusing more on money related matters rather than player’s health.

He said: “The governing bodies need to look at procedures in place for looking after athletes. Sometimes I think they are more worried about the product rather than the players.”

“Instead of the ATP sorting out more prize money or looking to improve the stadiums on tour, why not put more money into better care for players? As in football, I`m not sure people realize the huge pressures we are under in the heat of the moment,” he added.


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