Murray seeking `motivating` coach who `can get him learning and improving again`

London: Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has said that he needs a coach who can motivate him and get him learning and improving again, as he looks for a suitable replacement for Ivan Lendl before the French Open.

It came as no surprise when Murray lost heavily to the Colombian qualifier Santiago Giraldo in the third round of the Madrid Open this week, revealing wounds that plainly have festered since he split with Ivan Lendl in March.

According to The Guardian, although Murray insisted that he is not in any urgency to replace Lendl as he had soldiered on alone before with some success without any head coaches, he however, admitted that he would ideally like to have someone coaching him before the French Open.

The British No.1 further said that the whole point of having a full-time coach is to bring a structure that involves a long-term plan and a willingness to stick to it, adding that he believes he can find someone who can motivate him and get him learning and improving again as the field gets better all of the time.

However, Murray mentioned that he does not necessarily want to start working with someone just a few days before a Grand Slam, adding that he does not expect to have results at the French Open as it is still a big goal for him.