Querrey supports his ‘Samurai’ after Haas complains

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2009, 12:09 PM IST

Los Angeles: New Los Angeles ATP champion Sam Querrey has dismissed complaints from last weekend’s opponent Tommy Haas that Haas was distracted by the antics in the stands of the Californian’s gang of “Samurai” supporters.

“They got me through a lot of a few deuce scenarios,” said Querrey, who beat Australian Carsten Ball in the weekend final. “If you’re down break point they really get me fired up and get me going. They got me through a lot this week.”

Querry, now ranked 26th, is tight with his group of 12 to 20, seven of whom were his former high school classmates.

The 22-year-old has shared his house and hotels rooms frequently with the gang, including a “sleep over” at his home the night before the final.

“We had nine at my house last night sleeping everywhere. They’re pretty respectful.”

“At the US Open last year they stayed at my hotel room. They say ‘lights out at 10 no talking.’ They take it more seriously than I do.”

The cheer squad were even flown to Indianapolis last month by organizers to add some life to the stands.

Their bare, painted chests and Samurai headbands are unique, with the uniforms given special attention. “I know they got their shorts and stuff shipped over from China,” said Querrey. “They got their gong and headband.”

“They take it seriously - now they are looking for a clothing contract.”