Scotland names Murray ` Sportsperson of the Year`

ANI| Updated: Nov 10, 2013, 16:39 PM IST

London: Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has revealed that world number one Rafael Nadal had sent him a saucy, `sexy` text message while he (Murray) was dining in a restaurant with his girlfriend Kim Sears in America.

The Spaniard sent the message to wind up Murray as he dined with his girlfriend.

According to the Mirror, Murray said that he got a message from an unknown number, saying that he looked very ` sexy` and that it was a `shame` that he was with his girlfriend, adding that he did not tell Sears about the message as he did not want to ruin the dinner.

Murray further revealed that he later on realised that the message was sent as a prank by Nadal long after he had gone from the restaurant, after it clicked on him that while he was looking at the text, Nadal, who was also in the restaurant at that time, was watching his face from the distance