Murray, Djokovic reveal success mantra ahead of US Open

London: Defending US Open champion Andy Murray has confessed that he is less obsessed with diet than his good friend and rival Novak Djokovic, while Djokovic credits his monk-like diet and punishing exercise regime as his recipe for success.

According to the Guardian, Murray and Djokovic have varying methods for their individual successes, with Murray admitting that he had had felt very weak and had lost energy while experimenting with Djokovic-prescribed gluten-free dietary practices.

The Scot said that after that, he went to continue with his normal diet, adding that he tries to ensure that he is not eating the same things continuously and has a proper diet of water, energy drinks and a regular gym stint to acclimatize himself against different climatic conditions and long hours.

Meanwhile, Djokovic said that he altered his diet when he discovered that he was sensitive to gluten, which was the reason for his mid-match collapses, with his menu now consisting of vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils and healthy oils and two tablespoons of honey with water in the morning.

According to Djokovic, after waking up, he does his stretching, sometimes coupled with yoga or tai chi, for 20 minutes, has breakfast and then undergoes a schedule of hitting with a training partner for an hour and a eight-hour stint of stretching, massage, lunch, weights and protein super-charge.