Murray says women can demand equal pay only if they play `five-set matches`

Edinburgh: Defending US Open champion Andy Murray has said that women could justify their equal prize money request at the grand slams only if they too play a best of five set match like men.

According to The Scotsman, although there seems no prospect of any of the slams taking a step back after the hard fight for equality, it is an issue that continues to rumble on.

Murray does not think it is about entertainment but about fairness and, for him, that means women playing the same format as men, the report said.

The Scot said that five sets would mean the days in the slams are a little bit longer, and maybe it did not have to be from the first rounds.

He said that Steffi Graf and Navratilova were unbelievable over five sets, and in great shape, adding that the physical factor was not an issue.


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