Secret behind Murray`s Grand Slam success revealed!

Secret behind Murray`s Grand Slam success revealed!
New York: New data released by IBM has revealed the secret behind defending US Open Champion Andy Murray`s recent success in Grand Slams.

According to, in his five Grand Slam final losses, Murray gave away 3 games per set, and in his successful finals, he gave away only 2.

Similarly, the Scot made 12 unforced errors per set in his lost finals and only 7 in the finals he won.

However, the most crucial reason for his success was told to be that of keeping down errors when the pressure increased.

In three of the last four Slam finals, Murray has faced Djokovic thrice and won two out of three.

The Scot is currently in New York to defend his US Open crown that he got in 2012, his first Grand Slam victory.

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