Andy Murray set to launch own fashion line in US

Andy Murray set to launch own fashion line in US
London: World no. 3 Andy Murray is all set to launch his own line of clothing in the US possibly following the footsteps of fellow Wimbledon champion Fred Perry.

Murray`s advisers feel there is a gap in the market because the US doesn`t have its own male tennis superstar and want him to own a fashion line like the iconic brand of shirts and items bearing the name of his predecessor as Perry.

Sources close to Murray said that showbiz guru Simon Fuller is ready to turn him into a global figure like David Beckham and is convinced the US is the best place to start, the Mirror reports.

One of the source said that Murray`s focus will be America because Fuller sees little competition for him there as they have the Williams sisters but no male tennis stars.

Murray used to wear the Fred Perry clothing range on court but is currently sponsored by ADIDAS, the report added.

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