US Open 2013, men’s final: Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - As it happened...

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New York: In what was another intense finale, World Number two Rafael Nadal thrashed the World No. 1 Novak Djokovic 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 in four sets to win the men's singles final at the US Open.

It is Nadal's second US Open title, and his 13th Grand Slam. The Spaniard was certainly the better of the two players as he made just 20 unforced errors as compared to Djoker's 53.

Nadal now has 13 Grand Slam titles to his name, and the only legends who have won more in their career are Pete Sampras (14) and Roger Federer (17).



US Open 2013: Djokovic-Nadal next installment in top rivalry»



FOURTH SET Nadal wins it 6-1

Nadal to serve for the set and the match. Nole wins the first point, 0-15. Nadal serves big and then follows it with a forehand volley winner, 15-15. Good wide serve from Nadal, Nole returns and ran to his left but Nadal once again advanced and executed a down the line winner, 30-15. Body serve from Nadal and Nole’s return went way wide, 40-15. Nadal now has double US Open Championship points! Djokovic’s forehand once again hits the net and Rafael Nadal has won his second US Open, his 13th Grand Slam title.


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 5-1

Djokovic to serve. Nole decides to dominate from the nets again and this time he hits a volley winner, 15-0. Novak hits another volley, lucky this time as he played it just in front of Nadal who wasn’t expecting it at all, 30-0. Novak’s forehand hits the net, 30-15. Djokovic’s tries another forehand winner, and guess what, it goes wide, 30-30. Djoker serves, Nadal returns and Nole’s backhand this time goes wide, break point for Nadal, AGAIN! This time Rafa decided to show some aggression from the nets as a result of which Djoker’s shot goes wide. Nadal breaks again! And it has been some poor play from Djokovic in this game.


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 4-1

Nadal to serve. Nole wins the first point as Nadal’s cross court forehand landed wide, 0-15. Excellent rally once again, Nole played a backhand slice and advanced to the nets, but Nadal replied back with a superb two-handed backhand winner from cross court, 15-15. Nadal wins another point from the nets, 30-15. Nole is missing shots that have won him so many points today, he attempted a down the line forehand which went wide, 40-15, two game points for Nadal. Once again, Djoker’s forehand goes wide and Nadal wins the game.


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 3-1

Djokovic to serve. Rafa wins the first point after Novak once again came to the nets, 0-15. Rafa’s forehand goes wide, 15-15. Novak executes a powerful backhand winner from the nets, 30-15. Nole once again wins a point, 40-15. Two game points for Djoker. Nole serves and he went for the volley and luckily for him Nadal’s shot screamed past him but went wide, Nole holds to his serve.


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 3-0

Nadal to serve. Djokovic wins the first point, 0-15. Good body serve from Rafa, Djokovic’s return hit the nets, 15-15. Nole is losing some concentration here, another mistimed cross court backhand hits the net, 30-15. Rafa wins another point, 40-15. Nadal serves once again into Djokovic’s body and then advances to hit a backhand winner, Nadal holds and Djoker is yet to win a game in this set. Djoker would be under tremendous pressure now!


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 2-0

Djokovic to serve. Nole loses the first point as he mistimes a volley, 0-15. Another cross court forehand missed by Djokovic, 0-30. Rafa dominates the point with his forehands and then advances to the net as a result of which Nole’s cross court backhand hits the net. Now Rafa has triple break points! Djokovic saves the first one as he serves and then hits a volley winner, 15-40. Nole wins a lucky point as his forehand clips the net and falls on Rafa’s side, 30-40. One break point remaining for Rafa. And Rafa capitalises on this one with a powerful forehand winner. Rafa breaks early in the fourth set, big break of serve this!


FOURTH SET Nadal leads 1-0

Nadal to serve. Nole wins the first point with a forehand winner down the line, 0-15. This time Nole’s forehand goes wide, 15-15. Nadal’s forehand once again goes wide, 15-30. Nadal plays a drop shot, Nole covers the distance and fails to execute his drop shot, 30-30. Nadal plays another cheeky drop shot after an intense rally, Djoker once again covers the distance and sliders to execute a winner, 30-40. A break point immediately for Novak! And he fails to convert it again and his forehand goes wide, 40-40, deuce! Another intense rally and on this occasion, Nadal’s forehand went wide, advantage Nole, his second break point of the game! Good wide serve from Nadal, Nole returns and his shot is called wide, he challenges and it was well wide, 40-40 – deuce again! Djoker once again tries to dominate at the nets, fails as his forehand goes wide, advantage Rafa. Rafa seals the game with a forehand winner. Not to forget, Nadal once again saved two break points in the game!


THIRD SET Nadal wins it 6-4

Djokovic to serve to stay in the set. Screaming forehand winner from the Serbian, 15-0. Same shot and same result for Nole, 30-0. One of the best rallies of this match, won by Nadal after some good play at the nets, 30-15. Djokovic’s forehand goes long, 30-30. Djokovic now misses on a forehand, he had ample of time on that occasion and he found the nets, 30-40. A game point and a set point for Nadal! Good rally once again between the two, but Djokovic’s backhand goes wide, Rafa wins the game WINS THE THIRD SET!


THIRD SET Nadal leads 5-4

Nadal to serve. Good rally between the two, Djokovic once again played the drop shot, Nadal rushed and returned, but Nole once again lofted it above him for a winner, 0-15. Excellent dominating rally by the two players, but then Djokovic wrong-footed Nadal who lost his balance and fell on the court, 0-30. Commentators say they haven’t seen anything like that with Rafa before. Perfect return of serve from Djokovic, 0-40, three break points for the World No. 1! Rafa saves the first break point with an excellent forehand winner, 15-40. Good rally (21 shots) once again between the two which ended when Djokovic’s forehand once again found the nets, 30-40. Nadal has saved two break points. One more left for Novak. Nadal serves his first ace of the match, just at the right time. Spectacular comeback. From 0-40, Nadal bounced back 40-40, deuce. Djokovic’s cross court backhand went wide and Nadal now has the advantage! Nole wins the point as Nadal’s slice shot hits the nets this time, 40-40, deuce again! And Djokovic loses control over his cross court forehand that goes wide and long, advantage Nadal! And from 0-40, Nadal has bounced back to win the game. Champion Stuff!


THIRD SET Scores level 4-4

Djokovic to serve. Nadal’s down the line forehand goes wide, 15-0. Djoker serves another ace, his sixth of the match, 30-0. Djokovic misses on a forehand again, it hit the nets, 30-15. This time he executes it to perfection, 40-15, Nadal didn’t even chase that one. Two game points for Nole. Djokovic once again went up to the nets, but Nadal’s shot hit the nets and fell short, Djokovic holds serve.


THIRD SET Nadal leads 4-3

Nadal to serve. Rafa wins a point, 15-0. Rafa won another point after he challenged a ball that was called in, but was actually marginally long, 30-0. Djokovic came to the nets, got the chance to hit a volley which he smashed wide, 40-0. Three game points for Rafa. Double-fault from Nadal, his first of the match, 40-15. Djokovic’s forehand goes wide and Nadal holds serve to seal the game.


THIRD SET Scores level 3-3

Djokovic to serve. This time, Novak hit some super forehands but failed to repeat it and hit the nets, 0-15. On the second time, he played a similar shot after getting some bounce and it proved to be a winner, 15-15. Djokovic’s backhand went long, 15-30. Djokovic is hitting some incredible cross court forehands, 30-30, Nole hit his 17th forehand winner. Nadal launched the ball, for a six in cricketing terms, 40-30, game point for Djokovic. And now Djokovic plays a similar kind of long shot in reply to Rafa’s forehand, 40-40, deuce! Djokovic’s forehand goes wide, Nadal now has a break point after quite some time! The crowd just loves that! And Nadal has broken Nole’s serve after Djokovic advanced to the nets and missed a shot.


THIRD SET Djokovic leads 3-2

Nadal to serve. Djokovic once again makes Nadal run a lot and he finally loses control, 0-15. Nadal’s second serve was challenged by Djokovic, it was good, 15-15. Good serve from Nadal, 30-15. Nadal wins another point, 40-15. Djokovic’s backhand went wide and Nadal held his serve.


THIRD SET Djokovic leads 3-1

Djokovic to serve. He came to the nets off the first point but Nadal won it with a deep return, 0-15. Terrific drop shot from Djokovic, 15-15. Top cross court forehand winner from Djokovic, 30-15. Nadal’s forehand goes wide, 40-15, two game points for Djokovic. Djokovic serves another ace, seals the game.


THIRD SET Djokovic leads 2-1

Nadal to serve. Djokovic’s cross court forehand went wide, 15-0. Good aggression from Djokovic as he came to the nets again to dominate which he did and won a point, 15-15. Good aggression once again by the two and Nadal’s forehand finds the net, 15-30. Nole is getting back into his groove. Nadal wins a point, this time he advanced to the nets and hit a volley winner, 30-30. Djokovic’s backhand goes long, 40-30. Super forehand winner from Djokovic, 40-40, deuce! These two are gearing up now. Nole’s serves another terrific forehand winner, advantage Nole who has another break point! Nadal wins the point as Djokovic’s shot goes long, deuce again! And another intense rally between the two, Nadal had sent Novak down the baseline and then executed a well disguised drop shot for a winner, advantage Nadal! Djokovic’s forehand goes long and Nadal holds his serve for the first time in the third set!


THIRD SET Djokovic leads 2-0

Djokovic to serve. And he wins the first point off a deceptive drop shot, 15-0! Nadal’s down the line forehand goes wide, 30-0. So Nole has now won six points in a row! Djokovic’s forehand goes long, 30-15. Nole serves an ace, his fourth of the match, 40-15. Djokovic’s backhand hits the net, that was a poor shot, 40-30. Nole came to the nets, some bad footwork and he lost a point off a volley, 40-40, deuce! Good rally once again and Nadal lost the control of it when he played a backhand that went wide, advantage Djokovic. And the World No. 1 serves another ace to seal the game.


THIRD SET Djokovic leads 1-0

Nadal to serve. Nadal’s forehand hits the net, 0-15. Nole makes some room for his forehand and executes a perfect winner, 0-30. Nadal loses an easy chance off a volley, 0-40. Three break points for Djokovic! Excellent aggression from Nole as he advanced to the nets but Nadal’s backhand went wide. So Nole has broken Nadal’s serve for the third time in the match!


SECOND SET Djokovic wins it 6-3

Djokovic to serve for the set. Rafa wins the first point, 0-15. Good serve from Djokovic, 15-15. Nole misses on an easy forehand, 15-30. Rafa’s forehand goes long, 30-30. Rafa’s shot goes long and Djokovic now has a set point, 40-30! And Djokovic seals the second set with an excellent backhand winner!


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 5-3

Nadal to serve. Djokovic’s backhand goes wide, 15-0. Good improvisation from Djokovic, 15-15. Nadal wins a point with a blazing forehand, 30-15. Djokovic’s forehand goes long, 40-15. Nadal’s cross court forehand goes long, 40-30. Terrific forehand from Djokovic, 40-40, Nadal had no chance there! Deuce! Nole’s shot goes wide, advantage Nadal. Top forehand from Nole once again, deuce again! Nole’s return of serve is long, advantage Nadal. Superb rally, Nole makes Nadal stretch to his right and then waits for the ball to land and executes a perfect winner, deuce again! Nole’s return of serve once again finds the net, advantage Rafa again. Sizzling forehand winner from Djokovic, fourth deuce of the game! Nole once again fails to return the serve, advantage Nadal. Terrific forehand from Nole, declared a winner, Rafa challenges and it was in, deuce again! Nole wins a point after the ball clips the net and lands for a winner, advantage Djokovic for the first time in this game! Another impossible rally between the two, then Nole made Rafa stretch to his right, advanced to the nets and smashed a backhand winner. Nole breaks Rafa, again!


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 4-3

Djokovic to serve. Nadal wins the first point, 0-15. Double-fault from Djokovic, 0-30. Cross court forehand from Djoker goes wide and long, 0-40. Three break points for Nadal! Good rally once again and Nole saves a break point with a volley drop winner, 15-40. Nadal’s forehand hits the nets, second break point saved by Djokovic. Nadal changes his racket. One more break point remaining for Nadal. And Nadal seals the game, breaks Djokovic’s serve for the third time in the match. Back-to-back service breaks.


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 4-2

Nadal to serve. The Spaniard wins a point, 15-0. Nadal’s slice shot on this occasion hits the net, 15-15. Nadal advanced to the nets and Djokovic lofted the ball over him for a winner, super shot, 15-30. Djoker’s return of serve finds the net, 30-30. Nole wins an excellent rally with a very deceptive drop shot, 30-40. Djokovic has a break point! And that rally had 54 shots, won by Djokovic, and he has broken Nadal. The Spaniard has been broken for the second time in the entire tournament.


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 3-2

Djokovic to serve. Nole wins the first point, 15-0. Djoker wins another point with a forehand winner, 30-0. Nadal delivers a tremendous down the line forehand winner, 30-15. Nole wins a point, 40-15. Nole serves another ace, his third of the match to hold serve.


SECOND SET Scores level 2-2

Nadal to serve. Nadal’s wins a point with a forehand winner, 15-0. Excellent rally from the base line between the two top class players and Rafa wins it with a power-packed backhand winner, 30-0. Now Nadal advances to the nets and hits a forehand volley winner, 40-0. Nadal wins the game.


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 2-1

Djokovic to serve. Good rally, both the players ran a lot and Djoker’s forehand was short, 0-15. Rafa’s shot goes wide, 15-15. Rafa plays a massive long shot, 30-15. Superb rally and an even better backhand volley winner from Nole, 40-15. Djokovic holds the serve!


SECOND SET Scores level 1-1

Nadal to serve. Djokovic wins the first point, Rafa’s forehand hits the net, 0-15. Rafa loses another point after Nole smashes a superb cross court forehand, 0-30. Rafa wins a point after some superb top-spin shots and executed a volley winner after making Nole stretch to his right, 15-30. Now Nole makes Rafa stretch to his left and as a result Nadal’s forehand hits the nets, 15-40. Well, two break points for Djokovic! Djokovic’s backhand goes long, the slice backhand is troubling him here, 30-40. One break points remaining for Djokovic. Djoker once again tries going up to the nets and Rafa replies back with a cracking backhand past him, 40-40, deuce! Djokovic’s backhand goes wide, advantage Rafa! Nole wins a point, deuce again, 40-40. Djokovic’s return of serve hits the net advantage Nadal. Nole’s return of serve goes wide. Extremely poor play from Novak in this game. Pretty ordinary.


SECOND SET Djokovic leads 1-0

Djokovic to serve. Both the players win a point each, 15-15. Djokovic wins a point, 30-15. Djokovic’s forehand goes wide, 30-30. Good forehand winner from Djoker, 40-30. Excellent rally and an excellent backhand winner from the World No. 1. Djokovic holds serve.


FIRST SET Nadal wins it 6-2

Nadal to serve for the set. Good aggression from Nole, wins the first point with a forehand winner, 0-15. Djoker’s forehand goes long, 15-15. Incredible cross court forehand from Djokovic, 15-30. Almost another stunner from Nole! Rafa was charging in but he delivered another cross court forehand, went wide, 30-30. Rafa wins a point, 40-30. Set point for Rafa! Djokovic’s forehand goes long, Nadal wins the first set 6-2 in 42 minutes!


FIRST SET Nadal leads 5-2

Djokovic to serve. Rafa wins the first point off a similar shot after Nole came to the nets, 0-15. Top forehand from Rafa once again, 0-30. Nole isn’t at his best today. Cross court forehand from Rafa, Nole tries something similar but finds the net, 0-40. Three break points for Rafa! Top forehand shot from Nole, declared a winner, challenged by Rafa and it was out! Nadal breaks again!


FIRST SET Nadal leads 4-2

Nadal to serve. Djokovic’s forehand goes wide, 15-0. Rafa wins another point, 30-0. Djokovic’s return of serve goes wide, 40-0. Djokovic tries his first drop shot of the match and Nadal rushes and cuts it for a winner. Nadal holds serve.


FIRST SET Nadal leads 3-2

Djokovic to serve. Nole wins the first game, 15-0. Good backhand from Djoker, 30-0. Second ace from Nole, 40-0. Double-fault from Djokovic, 40-15. Djokovic holds after he serves and goes for another volley as Rafa’s return finds the net.


FIRST SET Nadal leads 3-1

Nadal to serve. Djokovic wins the first point, 0-15. And Nole wins another, two unforced errors from Rafa, 0-30. Djokovic’s forehand lands long, 15-30. Djokovic tries an aggressive forehand that hits the net, 30-30. Nadal brings some more spin into play, 40-30 as Djokovic fails to handle it. Massive cross court forehand from Djoker, 40-40, deuce, Nadal was taken aback by that shot. Tremendous rally between the two, ended when Nadal’s forehand troubled Nole, Rafa takes the advantage. Rafa holds serve after one of Djoker’s forehand clipped the nets and went wide.


FIRST SET Nadal leads 2-1

Djokovic to serve. Superb forehand from Rafa, had a lot of spin on that, 0-15. Nole replies back with a terrific cross court forehand, 15-15. Good rally, Nole went up to the nets and executed a volley winner! 30-15. Nadal wins a point, 30-30. Djokovic’s backhand goes wide, 30-40, break point for Nadal! Rafa hits some forehand and then tries a backhand, fails as it hits the nets, 40-40, deuce! Nole serves and goes for the volley, Rafa’s return hits the nets, Nole has the advantage now! Superb forehand, cross court from Rafa and Djokovic didn’t even go for that one, deuce again! Djokovic’s forehand hits the net, second break point for Nadal! And Nadal breaks Djokovic’s serve with a cracking forehand!


FIRST SET Scores level 1-1

Nadal to serve. Djokovic’s backhand goes long, 15-0. Djokovic’s cross court backhand is wide, 30-0. Nadal’s cross court forehand goes long, 30-15. Djokovic’s backhand once again goes long, 40-15. Two game points for Rafa. Brilliant return of serve from Nole, 40-30. Rafa’s slice finds the net and we have the first deuce of the match! Good deep serve from Rafa, long return from Nole, advantage Rafa! Nole’s forehand down the line hits the net, Nadal holds the serve!


FIRST SET Djokovic leads 1-0

Djokovic to serve. Nole wins the first point, 15-0 as Rafa’s shot went long. Rafa wins the next point, Nole tried coming to the nets but played long, 15-15. Rafa’s backhand goes long, 30-15 lead for Djokovic. Djokovic’s backhand finds the net, 30-30. They both are making each other cover a lot of court! Nole’s powerful cross court forehand wins him a point, 40-30. Djokovic seals the first game with the first ace of the match. Djokovic holds serve.


Grand Slam final these days have mostly been about a relentless Novak Djokovic locking horns with the mighty Spaniard – Rafael Nadal. US Open 2013 was no different. Two of the most incredible tennis players of modern era will once again lock horns against each other, in a finale, that can once again take the steam out of both the players.

Like always, the semis wasn’t a cakewalk for the Super Serb. While we have seen the progress of Stanislas Wawrinka of late, the way he was dominating the proceedings in the most part of the semi-final, he looked all set for his maiden Grand Slam final. While Nole was losing his temper, Wawrinka’s one-handed backhand became even more lethal with each passing point. But you can’t write off the World No. 1 just like that, and when everybody began cheering for Wawrinka after he won that intriguing, exhausting game in the decider, Djokovic suddenly played the right shots, to seal his berth for the final against the ‘The Man’ he would want to play against.

On the other hand, Nadal is someone who has cruised through to the finale. After recovering from his knee injury, Nadal has been on fire and he would want to show once again that he isn’t merely a clay court specialist. The 12-time Grand Slam winner has been in great touch since the beginning of 2013 and he would be fresh when he takes on Djokovic in the Monday finale. While Djokovic played an epic five-setter in the semis, Nadal comfortably brushed aside France`s Richard Gasquet 6-4 7-6(1) 6-2.

The rivalry between these two has reached its crescendo and we expect another thriller in the US Open final!

We have seen Nadal play some of the best hard-court tennis this year and the only man who seems to be a contender for him is Djokovic. These two have a history of epic five-setters. While the Spaniard is 21-15 against Djokovic on all courts, the Super Serb holds an 11-6 record against Nadal on hard courts.

But both of them continue to battle against each other. Nadal now knows that since Djokovic’s transformation in 2010, and since Federer’s decline, the former has to defeat the Serb to overcome the hurdles of a Grand Slam. While these two play, the spectators witness tennis at its best as they display a great show of stamina and strength. While Nadal always has an upper hand as far as the power factor is concerned, Djokovic too involves him into a neck-to-neck fight and every point, every game is played as if was the match-point.

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