US Open women’s final: Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki - As it happened...

 Serena leads 1-0

US Open women’s final: Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki - As it happened...

Serena Williams has once again proved that she is undoubtedly the best player around in women singles. In the final she beat Caroline​ Wozniacki in straight sets 6-3, 6-3 to win her 18th major title. In the post match presentation runner up Wozniacki stated: “You (Serena) played better than me. You’re an inspiration to me on and off the court. You’re a great friend, you’re definitely owed drinks later!” However, the winner Williams looked pleased after winning her sixth US Open title : “Caroline has know the struggle I’ve been through, we text nearly every day. Thanks to the crowd. It’s a pleasure to win my first Grand Slam here in New York and now my 18th.”


SECOND SET: Serena leads 6-3

Wozniacki to serve. Wozniacki's played a marvelous backhand winner to make it 15-all. After a 26 shot rally, Wozniacki finally hit the net 15-30. Serena's forehand winner takes the score to 15-40. Williams has Championship point at 15-40! Wozniacki hits long and with that Serena Williams won her 18th Grand Slam title, which put her alongside Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in the all-time list.  


SECOND SET: Serena leads 5-3

Serena to serve. Wozniacki's backhand lands wide 15-0. Then she hits into the net 30-0. After a long rally, Wozniacki came to the net to put some pressure on Serena and it worked as Serena's backhand went wide 30-15. But then Serena came back hard and wrap up the set with the help of some outstanding ground shots.     


SECOND SET: Serena leads 4-3

Wozniacki to serve. In this game Dane not only holds her serve but also proved that she can be a dangerous player in the near future if she overcomes few of her flaw. For Williams one can say that she is trying to conserving her energy for her own service.


SECOND SET: Serena leads 4-2

Serena to serve. Serena starts with an ace. But then her forehand lands long 15-15. But soon Serena played two powerful forehand winners, and followed them by another ace to finish the game. She is looking in a rush to finish the game as soon as possible.    


SECOND SET: Serena leads 3-2

Wozniacki to serve. In this game Dane showed some grit to not only hold her serve but also displayed some outstanding shots along with an ace. She needs to hang on there if she really wants to give Serena some fight and drag the match to the third set.    


SECOND SET: Serena leads 3-1

Serena to serve. Double fault by the American 0-15. Fine serve, finished by a powerful crosscourt forehand 15-15. Next point goes in favour of Serena 30-15. Dane's forehands lands long 40-15. Powerful forehand winner once again by the top seed to hold her serve.     


SECOND SET: Serena leads 2-1

Wozniacki to serve. Serena's return hits the net 15-0. Wozniacki is slowly trying to match the top seed but it's quite a difficult task for her. Meanwhile, Wozniacki holds her serve this time.  


SECOND SET: Serena leads 2-0

Serena to serve. 30-0 as Wozniacki is looking clueless at the moment. Wozniacki's forehand lands long 40-0. Ace by Serena as she swells the lead to 2-0 in the second set. 


SECOND SET: Serena leads 1-0

Wozniacki to serve. Serena is dictating terms at the moment, whereas, Wozniacki is under immense pressure. With the help of a backhand drop shot Williams gets the first point 0-15. Soon the score line reads 15-40 after Serena gets a lucky net point. Another point to Serena as she breaks Wozniacki's serve.  


FIRST SET: Serena leads 6-3

Serena to serve. Serena doesn't waste much time to wrap up the game and set with the help of some power-packed ground strokes. Serena is looking too good for the former number one.  


FIRST SET: Serena leads 5-3

Wozniacki to serve. Backhand winner by Serena 0-15. Serena's two consecutive forehands land long 30-15. Double fault 30-30. Serena's forehand went wide 30-40. Two consecutive unforced errors by the server. Serena should focus hard to wrap up the set. But eventually Wozniacki won the game, thanks to some poor tennis played by the top seed.   


FIRST SET: Serena leads 5-2

Serena to serve. 40-15 as Wozniacki looked hapless in front of the top seed and most of her returns landed long. Serena wraps this game quickly after that.    


FIRST SET: Serena leads 4-2

Wozniacki to serve. Serena looked unplayable in this game. With the help of powerful down the line backhands Williams dictated the terms. Wozniacki needs to work on her service. Meanwhile, the Dane played last two shots on the net to let Serena break her serve one more time.   


FIRST SET: Serena leads 3-2

Serena to serve. After 19 shots rally Wozniacki leads 0-30. Williams double faults as Wozniacki gets three break points. And finally too many unforced errors by the top ranked player helped Wozniacki to break her serve twice in the first set. 


FIRST SET: Serena leads 3-1

Wozniacki to serve. After five rallies Wozniacki's forehand lands long 0-15. Powerful forehand winner by Serena 0-30. Serena's crosscourt forehand went wide 15-30. Serena hits the net 30-30. Ace by Wozniacki 40-30. Crosscourt backhand winner by Serena 40-40. A lot of unforced errors by Serena are making her task difficult. But even then she managed to break Wozniacki serve for the second time.           


FIRST SET: Serena leads 2-1

Serena to serve. The American is certainly dominating the proceedings. Williams leads 30-0. But then series of unforced errors give Wozniacki a chance to lead 30-40. And Wozniacki gets another point as she breaks Serena's serve. 


FIRST SET: Serena leads 2-0

Wozniacki to serve. Wozniacki is looking a bit nervous. Double fault by the Danish player as the score reads 30-30. But then Serena earned three consecutive points with the help of her forehand winners to break Wozniacki's first serve.    


FIRST SET: Serena leads 1-0

Serena to serve. Wozniacki backhand lands long 15-0. Serena's powerful forehand went wide 15-15. Next point to Serena 30-15. Serena hits the net 30-30. Serena's backhand lands long 30-40. Then a  couple of power-packed forehands by the American to pocket the first game.       


Good news from the center is that weather is fine. Both the players have come to the court for the toss. Jean King tosses the coin. Serena wins it and will serve first. After the toss both the players posed for the customary photo with Jean King at the center.  


Legendary former tennis player  Billie Jean King has just entered the Arthur Ashe Stadium to witness the final match between Wozniacki and Williams. 


Hello and welcome to out live coverage of the women's singles final from Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Within a few minutes from now top seeded Serena Williams will be up against her 'friend' Caroline Wozniacki in the final of the US Open.

Williams who failed to break into the finals of the last three major slams of the year is just one match shy of winning her 18th grand slam title, which will put her alongside Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in the all-time list.

On the other hand, former world number one would be eyeing for her maiden major. So it's quite an important final for both the finalists.

The 24-year-old Danish has reached the final of a major after five the wait of five long years. The last time when she reached the final of the US Open in 2009, she lost to Belgium’s Kim Clijsters.

And this time to beat the American in the final would be a tough task for Wozniacki, who would be eager to have her first major slam title under her belt.

On her way to the final, Williams had't lost a set and beat K Kanepi, F Pennetta, E Makarova, respectively in her last three matches. However, Wozniacki got the better of strong opponents like M Sharapova and S Errani, before S Peng quit the game in the middle due to an injury, which helped the 11th ranked player to book the final berth.

Though, Williams is undoubtedly the favourite to win the battle, but one can't take Wozniacki lightly.  

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