Radek Stepanek ordered to change ‘bright shoes’ over All England Club’s strict ‘predominantly white’

Updated: Jun 30, 2012, 13:00 PM IST

London: Czech Republican tennis ace Radek Stepanek was ordered to change his ‘bright blue’ shoes by the authorities of the All England Club before he could start his third round match against top seed Novak Djokovic.

The club rules are learnt to be notoriously strict, stating that clothes must be "predominantly white" while any logos must be "discreet".

According to a newspaper, it is rare for players to get caught flouting the rules as manufacturers submit their designs to Wimbledon officials for approval ahead of the championships.

However, already this week, John Isner, a US player was asked to remove his wrist bands ahead of a match while Italian Fabio Fognini was asked to cut an inch off the back of his bandana because it was longer than the regulations normally allowed.

Wimbledon chiefs have always refused to compromise on the championship``s strict dress code, maintaining and defending its values since its birth in 1877.

However, the colour rules do not apply to underwear and accessories, ensuring that female players keen to show a little individuality are reduced to flashing garishly coloured underwear.

Women players such as Maria Sharapova and the Williams sisters reportedly design their own clothes, while also causing a stir in the sport world by pushing the fashion rules to the limit.