Wimbledon 2012 men's final: Federer vs Murray - As it happened...

Updated: Jul 08, 2012, 15:39 PM IST

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Wimbledon: 6:32pm And it’s an even better moment for Roger Federer who has won his seventh Wimbledon title, something which his boyhood hero Pete Sampras did in the past. The critics began to write him off, but he has overcome all the hurdles and has also RECLAIMED THE WORLD NO. 1 RANKING! Phenomenal player, and probably, the greatest tennis player of all times?

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6:25pm What a moment for Andy Murray. He’s very emotional in front of the local crowd, and finds it very hard to express his emotions. The crowd are cheering him up. But he has done a great job in the finale and has lived up to the expectations of his fans.

FOURTH SET: Roger wins it 6-4
6:16pm Federer to serve FOR THE MATCH! It has been 3 hours and 20 minutes in the game already. Federer’s shot lands wide, Murray played well and covered a lot of court to win that point. THE CROWD HAS ONCE AGAIN ERUPTED AT THE CENTRE COURT! Roger serves and advances to the nets, Murray hits the ball over him which lands just wide. 15-15. Roger serves and Murray immediately challenges that, and replays show it’s in! Ace from Federer and he WILL NOW SERVE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP POINT, TWO OF THEM HE HAS! Roger’s shot finds the net and Murray saves one match point. Federer serves and Murray’s return lands wide, so here we are KING OF GRASS ROGER FEDERER HAS WON HIS SEVENTH WIMBLEDON TITLE! EVEN THE LOCAL CROWD LOVES THAT!

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 5-4
6:11pm Murray to serve TO STAY IN THE MATCH. Federer is taking his chances and he wins the first point, 0-15. Roger’s shot lands wide this time, challenged by Federer, and replays show its very long. 15-15. Federer’s forehand lands wide, 30-15. Good serve from Murray, 40-15. Excellent return from Federer, 40-30. Another sizzling forehand from Federer, Murray was nowhere near to it, its deuce, 40-40. Roger’s return lands wide, Murray gets the advantage. Murray’s forehand finds the nets and its deuce once again! Great serve from Murray (131 miles/hr), takes the advantage once again. Federer’s backhand lands wide and Murray holds his serve.

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 5-3
6:05pm Federer to serve. He wins the first point, 15-0. Murray excites the crowd with a forehand winner, 15-15. Good serve, an ace from Federer, 30-15. It was Roger’s 11th ace, Murray has hit 15 of them. Roger’s shot lands very very wide. 30-30. Murray’s return goes wide, 40-30. Another deceiving drop shot from Federer, and Federer holds to his serve.

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 4-3
6:01pm Murray to serve. Murray wins two points to take a 30-0 lead. Federer wins a point with a volley, 30-15. Murray’s return finds the net, 30-30. Murray wins a point with a volley shot, 40-30. Murray holds his serve.

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 4-2
5:57pm Federer to serve. Murray wins the first point, 0-15. Another brilliant drop shot from Federer, 15-15. Roger makes his third double-fault of the game, 15-30. Murray had enough time to deliver a forehand winner, he did, but that went wide! 30-30. Superb control from Federer, hits a forehand winner, 40-30. And Roger holds his serve.

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 3-2
5:53pm Murray to serve. He wins the first point, 15-0. Federer is making Murray cover a lot of court, Andy’s shot goes wide, 15-15. Murray’s forehand is called wide, he challenges and that’s wide. 15-30. Murray’s shot once again lands wide and Federer now has two break points! BRILLIANT BACKHAND PASS FROM FEDERER AS HE BREAKS THE SERVE! One of the best shots of the match so far!

FOURTH SET: Federer leads 2-1
5:46pm Murray to serve. And he makes his first double-fault of the match. 0-15. Murray wins a point, 15-15. Murray’s shot finds the net, 15-30. Murray serves another sizzling ace! 30-30. Another great serve by Murray, 40-30. Roger’s shot lands wide and Murray holds his serve.

FOURTH SET: Scores leveled 1-1
5:42pm Federer to serve. Murray wins the first point. 0-15. Murray gets to a volley from Federer and then Roger delivery another winner from a volley. This time Roger’s forehand lands wide, 15-30. Roger under some pressure here. Roger serves, Murray returns and then Roger hits a winner forehand, challenged by Murray, but it was on line. Aggressive play from Murray here, advances and hits a powerful forehand to take a break point! Murray’s forehand lands wide and its deuce! Murray’s return lands wide and its deuce again! Excellent play from Roger, hits a forehand down the line and holds his serve!

FOURTH SET: Murray leads 1-0
5:37pm Murray to serve. And he wins the first point. 15-0. Federer wins a point, 15-15. Murray wins two points, 40-15. Federer plays a volley for a winner, 40-30. Murray plays a good volley to hold his serve.

Murray has been a little out of the game in the third set after the rain interruption. Federer, has however got his act together with a determined performance in the third set. Federer has reduced on the number of unforced errors.

5:31pm Federer to serve for the second set. He wins the first point, 15-0. Excellent forehand from Murray, cross court and good speed from Murray at full stretch, 15-15. Ace from Roger, his eighth, 30-15. Roger’s shot lands wide, 30-30. Good rally and then Murray’s backhand lands wide. Set point for Federer, and his ninth ace GETS HIM THE THIRD SET!

THIRD SET: Federer leads 5-3
5:27pm Murray to serve. He wins the first game as Federer plays a shot which could have gone wide. 15-0. Powerful backhand by Murray, 30-0. Good serve by Murray, extends his lead to 40-0. Murray plays a very lose forehand, 40-15. Excellent return from Federer, 40-30. Good ace and Murray holds his serve with his tenth ace of the match!

THIRD SET: Federer leads 5-2
5:23pm Federer to serve. Both the players win two points each. 30-30. Murray lose another point, 40-30. Murray’s shot once again lands wide. Federer holds to his serve.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 4-2
5:20pm Murray to serve. Murray wins the first two points. 30-0. Great ace from Murray! 40-0. An excellent return from Federer, 40-15. Good return from Federer once again off the backhand, 40-30. Federer plays a drop shot, Murray gets there, but slips very badly and then gets up after a while, deuce. Good ace once again, the crowd cheers that and Murray shouts, COME ON! Murray takes the advantage. Good rally between the two and then Murray’s forehand lands wide, deuce on again! Murray was looking for a volley and saw that the ball was higher he went back and that gave advantage to Federer who wins the points! Break point for Federer. Fine serve from Murray and he hits a winner, deuce once again! Federer wins the point with two incredible forehands, second break point for Federer! Another terrific serve from Murray, Roger couldn’t do much there, deuce once again! Loose play from Murray this time and Federer once again has the break point. Another ace from Murray and it has been challenged by Federer, and its WIDE! Good wide serve from Murray, that sends Federer in the corner and Murray had enough gap for a winner, deuce once again! Murray takes the advantage with a volley winner, nice timing on that occasion. Crowd once again backs the local boy. Good rally once again, Roger wins it and its deuce again! (Sixth deuce of the game!) Roger’s return lands wide and Murray once again has the advantage. Roger hits a good forehand, declared winner and Murray challenges that, replays show that it’s on the line and Federer wins the point, deuce once again. This time Murray’s shot goes very wide and Roger has another break point. Federer’s return lands wide and we are back to deuce, eighth of this game. Federer plays a good slice and Murray’s shot lands wide. Another break point for Roger Federer. Murray was very upset with himself on that occasion. Good serve from Murray and he brings it back to deuce. Murray takes the advantage with a brilliant forehand that whistled past Federer! Federer wins another point, Murray once again slipped and its 11th deuce of this game! Roger wins a point and takes the advantage. Another massive point won by Federer and he breaks the serve in a game that lasted for almost 20 minutes!

THIRD SET: Federer leads 3-2
4:59pm Federer to serve. He wins the first point, 15-0. Follows it with an ace, 30-0. Another good serve from Roger, 40-0. Murray tries a backhand winner, doesn’t time well and Roger holds to his serve.

THIRD SET: Scores leveled 2-2
4:57pm Murray to serve. And he wins the first point, 15-0. Good ace from Murray, 30-0. Federer plays an incredible drop shot! 30-15. Federer tries an aggressive backhand, finds the nets, 40-15. Excellent serve from Murray and he wins the game.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 2-1
4:53pm Federer to serve. Roger wins two points. 30-0. Murray’s return lands wide. 40-0. Play resume and Federer wins the game.

4:53pm After the short interruption, the players are all set to resume the thrilling finale!

4:45pm Good news. The players have come on the court and the final will be completed under a closed roof at the Centre Court.

4:21pm Well it has been an intriguing encounter so far. Murray has lived up to the expectations so far and the game can go anywhere from here. But the World No. 3 Roger Federer is definitely not playing the quality tennis he did against Novak Djokovic in the first semi-final. Federer is making a lot many unforced errors today and all the credit should go to Murray who has provided a neck-to-neck fight to the six-time Wimbledon winner amid huge support from the local crowd.

THIRD SET: Scores leveled 1-1
4:13pm Federer to serve. Roger wins two points. 30-0. Murray’s return lands wide. 40-0. It has got dark at the Centre Court and the PLAY HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR THE TIME BEING!

THIRD SET: Scores leveled 1-1
4:11pm Murray to serve. Good point between the two as Murray hits a cross court winner. 15-0. Murray wanted to play a drop shot, failed, 15-15. Murray wins another point, 30-15. Federer’s return lands wide, 40-15. Good serve and Murray wins the second game of the set.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 1-0
4:07pm Federer to serve. Both the players win a point each. Murray’s slice shot hits the nets. 30-15. Good serve by Federer, 40-15. Murray goes to a corner and hits it high, Federer waits and waits and waits till eternity to play a drop shot as Murray was miles away!

4:03pm Murray to serve. He wins the first point, 15-0. Federer returns well and Andy Murray jumps, and makes it a volley winner. 30-0. Good drop shot from Roger, Murray returns that and then Roger hits it for a backhand winner. 30-15. Murray’s return lands wide this time and its 30-30. Another great point between the two, Murray’s shot just landed wide. Federer now has a break point, a set point a big one for the six-time Wimbledon winner! What a fantastic point and WHAT A DROP SHOT TO TAKE THE SECOND SET! WHADDAAAPLAAYAA ROGER FEDERER!

SECOND SET: Federer leads 6-5
3:57pm Federer to serve. He wins the first point, 15-0. Murray plays a good drop shot, Roger gets there, hits it over Murray, but it lands wide, 15-15. Roger wins the next point, Murray’s defends well, but not good enough to stop Roger’s volley winner. 30-15. Double-fault by Federer! 30-30. Good ace from Roger, his sixth of the match, 40-30. And Murray’s shot clips the net and ends up as a winner. Deuce, 40-40. Federer takes the advantage with a off-forehand winner. Good serve from Roger, Murray’s return finds the net.

SECOND SET: Scores levelled 5-5
3:52pm Murray to serve to stay in the second set. Good first serve, 15-0. Murray makes Roger cover a lot of court and as a result of that Federer hits one on the nets. 30-0. Good serve, ace no. 6 for Murray, 40-0. Murray serves and dvances to the nets to hit a volley for a winner.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 5-4
3:49pm Federer to serve. Roger wins the first point. 15-0. Great forehand from Murray, another error from Federer, 15-15. Good rally once again, and Murray gets off balance, ends up hitting on to the nets, 30-15. Roger misses a forehand, 30-30. 11 unforced forehands from Federer! Roger once again misses a backhand Andy Murray once again has a break point! Big one it is! Wide serve from Roger. Murray’s backhands goes wide, its deuce! 40-40. Murray once again plays a two-hander backhand to send Roger in the corner and then deliver a winner of a volley, second break point for Murray! Roger advanced to the nets, first volley defended by Murray and second was dispatched as a winner by Roger! Deuce, 40-40. Roger once again takes the advantage with a wide serve. Awkward shot from Roger, very wide forehand, its deuce once again! Good ace from Federer, Murray challenges the call and it’s on the line! Advantage Roger. Murray’s shot lands wide and Federer once again holds to his serve.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 4-4
3:42pm Murray to serve. Good rally between the two players and then Roger plays an awkward backhand that finds the net. 15-0. Federer advanced and hit one forehand that once again found the nets. 30-0. Good serve from Murray (132 mls/hr), 40-0. Murray tries to hit one forehand towards the corner, doesn’t connect and Roger wins first point of this game. 40-15. Another good serve by Murray, wins him the game.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 4-3
3:38pm Federer to serve. He wins the two points, 30-0. Federer is playing a lot more vollies here, another volley for a winner. 40-0. And Federer once again smashes a winner of a volley to hold to his serve.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 3-3
3:36pm Murray to serve. Murray wins the first point as Roger’s shot lands wide. 15-0. Murray wins another point. 30-0. Good serve from Murray (131 miles/hr) wins him his third point and then he wins the game with a bullet serve! Murray holds to his serve.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 3-2
3:33pm Federer to serve. Good point between both the players and Roger hits a winner of a volley. 15-0. Roger’s forehand lands wide. There’s some confusion, and the point is replayed, replays show Roger’s shot landed on the line. Wonderful play for Murray, high-backhand volley for a winner. 15-15. Roger plays a drop shot, Murray advances and plays a forehand winner, great shot! 15-30. Good shot from Murray, volley hit for a winner, two break points for the British No. 1! One saved by Federer, winner hit of a volley. One more break point for Murray! Murray’s return goes wide, two break points saved by Roger! Deuce, 40-40. Great point once again, two volleys by Federer, good defence by Murray on both occasions but Roger finally hit the third volley for a winner, advantage Federer. And Federer holds onto his serve.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 2-2
3:27pm Murray to serve. Good wide serve and Roger’s return hits the nets. 15-0. Roger wins the next point, 15-15. Another good serve from Murray, 30-15. Murray advances to the net after serving wide and then plays a clever volley for a winner. 40-15. Another unforced error from Roger, Murray holds to his serve.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 2-1
3:24pm Federer to serve. Both the players win a point each. Murray takes the lead with a drive volley. 30-15. Good forehand from Murray, but its clips the top of net and lands wide. 40-15. Murray wins a game, 40-30, Federer wins the game, holds to his serve.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 1-1
3:21pm Murray to serve. Roger wins the first two points. 0-30. Good serve from Murray and Federer’s shot finds the net. 15-30. Murray plays a good forehand to Roger’s return that’s ends up being a winner. 30-30. Federer wins another point and now has one break point! 30-40. Murray once again moves to the nets and Roger’s backhand goes wide, deuce! 40-40. Murray has now saved three break points! Murray plays a volley and Federer’s forehand, just goes wide, Murray is relieved. Murray has the advantage as well. Another good rally and Andy’s forehand hits the nets, its deuce once again! Roger came to the nets, Murray saw that and hit one backhand wide of Federer and he stretched but found the nets, Murray has the advantage. Federer plays the same way, comes to the nets, sends Murray to one corner and then delivery a winner towards the other! Deuce again! Roger’s shot lands wide and Murray gets the advantage. An extremely powerful forehand from Murray wins him another point, Murray holds onto his serve in another thrilling game!

SECOND SET: Federer leads 1-0
3:13pm Federer to serve. Roger makes Murray run both the sides on the court and wins the first point. 15-0. Roger wins another point. 30-0. A volley winner from Federer, 40-0. An ace and Federer wins the game!

FIRST SET: Murray wins it 6-4
3:09pm Murray to serve for the set! God serve by Andy and he then advances to hit a winner of a volley. 15-0. Fantastic rally once again, Roger’s shot is called out, challenged by him and that’s in by a millimeter the point will be played again! Good return from Roger and Murray’s backhand finds the nets. 15-15. Good serve from Andy and Roger’s return lands very wide. 30-15. Another great ace from Murray at a very crucial time, he has two set points now! Another great serve and ladies and gentlemen, the British no. 1 Andy Murray wins the first set against six-time Wimbledon winner! Needless to say, everybody at the centre court is on their feet!

FIRST SET: Murray leads 5-4
3:03pm Federer to serve. Both the players win a point each. Drop shot by Federer, Murray advances and hits a forehand winner. Federer somehow managed to get out of that! 15-30. Murray wins one more point and has two break points now! 15-40. And Murray once again breaks Roger’s serve, THE CROWD HAS ERRRUPTED! THEY SIMPLY LUVVV THAT! Murray breaks the serve in just three minutes after that long previous game!

FIRST SET: Scores leveled 4-4
3:00pm Murray to serve. Federer wins the first point of a wonderful volley. 0-15. Another great forehand from Federer. 0-30. Two good shots from the Legend! Good serve from Murray this time, Federer couldn’t do much there, 15-30. Murray makes Federer to stretch, hits a good forehand and follows it with a forehand winner! 30-30. Murray serves and Federer goes high, that was a proper cricket shot! 40-30. Federer advances to the net and makes Murray to stretch, and then hits a winner, deuce, 40-40. Superb off forehand from Murray, Federer was a spectator there! Andy gets the advantage! And Federer plays a superb drop shot, deuce once again! Back-to-back terrific backhands from Federer that wins him the point! Advantage Federer! Another good off-forehand from Murray wins him a point, deuce again! Body serve from Murray, followed by good rally and a cross-court forehand from Federer gives him his third break point of the game! Terrific volley from Murray and Federer hits it over Murray, and out of baseline, deuce once again! Amazing game this is proving to be! Good forehand by Murray and Roger’s shot lands wide, advantage Murray and the crowd loves that! Killer forehand from Federer once again, and that brings the game back to deuce(fifth of the game). Once again Roger’s return lands wide, advantage Murray. Murray serves, called wide and Murray challenges, that’s wide. Murray to serve again with the advantage and he Murray finally holds onto his serve after a tiring game!

FIRST SET: Federer leads 4-3
2:45pm Federer to serve. He wins the first two points. 30-0. Great backhand from Federer, Murray manages to stretch but hits the ball very wide. 40-0. This time Roger’s shot finds the net, Federer’s 10th unforced error! 40-15. And Federer holds on to his serve.

FIRST SET: Scores leveled 3-3
2:43pm Murray to serve. And he begins with an ace. 15-0. Murray’s serve goes wide, 15-15. Good rally once again and Federer’s backhand hits the nets. 30-15. Good serve by Murray as Roger fails to return. 40-15. Great backhand from Federer, wins him a point, 40-30. Murray tries to hit a winner from cross court, fails, its deuce! 40-40. Good body serve from Murray as Roger makes an unforced error, advantage Murray! Excellent serve from Murray as he holds onto his serve.

FIRST SET: Federer leads 3-2
2:38pm Roger to serve. Murray wins the first point, 0-15. Great defence from Murray and on two occasions Federer didn’t find a winner of two vollies! 0-30. Murray’s shot called long, challenged by Murray and its marginally long! 15-30. Murray’s shot flicked over the nets; Roger advanced and smashed a forehand winner. 30-30. Murray hits one on the nets. 40-30. Another superb rally between the two players and Murray wins the point as Federer’s backhand lands wide, deuce, 40-40. Federer stays for the volley, Murray returns the first one, returns the second which is hit for a winner by Roger, advantage Federer! And now Federer’s shot finds the net, its deuce once again, 40-40. Good serve by Federer and Murray’s return goes wide, advantage Roger. Good body serve from Federer and after 26 minutes of the match Federer leads!

FIRST SET: Scores leveled 2-2
2:31pm Murray to serve. Roger wins the first point easily. 0-15. Fantastic ace from Murray, 15-15. Another good serve, Roger reached to that one but his second shot found the nets. 30-15. Murray played a forehand and advanced to the nets, Roger’s return went too wide. 40-15. Murray plays a slice shot that goes wide, 40-30. Murray’s backhand goes over the baseline, deuce, 40-40. Another great ace from Murray (209 kms/hr), Murray has the advantage! Murray drops the ball and it’s called wide, challenged by Murray, it was wide and its deuce again! 40-40. A terrific backhand from Roger that gives him his first break point of the match! And he wins it, Murray was moving to his right and Federer smashed a forehand to his right to win the game!

FIRST SET: Murray leads 2-1
2:23pm Federer to serve. And Murray hits another brilliant forehand winner. 0-15. First ace for Federer. 15-15. Federer wins another point. 30-15. Murray wins the next point. 30-30. Roger makes his opponent stretch for the ball and Murray fails to return the ball. 40-30. Good return by Murray and Federer was surprised with the shot and his shot finds the net, deuce! 40-40. Anoher good rally between the two and Murray’s shot hit the nets, advantage Federer! Another good rally, Federer came to the nets and hit a volley, Murray got his racket to the ball but not clean enough for a return. Federer holds his serve!

FIRST SET: Murray leads 2-0
2:18pm Murray to serve. Good volley between the two players and Federer’s shot lands wide. 15-0. This time Murray’s shot finds the net. 15-15. Federer wins the next point and Murray equalizes scores with a wonderful forehand winner. 30-30. And once again, Roger’s shot goes wide, under pressure? 40-30. Another good volley between the two players and Murray wins it!

FIRST SET: Murray leads 1-0
2:14pm Federer to serve. Murray wins the first point as Federer’s return landed wide. 0-15. Murray’s return goes wide this time. 15-15. Federer wins another point of a volley. 30-15. Good return by Murray and Roger’s shot finds the net. 30-30. Roger’s serve is called out, challenged by Federer and it will be a second serve. Federer’s shot lands wide and Murray and his first break point! 30-40. And Murray breaks Federer’s serve in the first game as his volley shot lands wide!

2:05pm Federer has won the toss and he has decided to serve first!

2:00 pm Both the players, 25-year-old Andy Murray and 30-year-old Roger Federer arrive on the Centre Court amid rousing welcome!

1:55 pm The roof of the Centre Court has been opened and as per the reports, the entire match will be played under the open roof.

1:54 pm: Federer’s brilliance is unquestionable. He has entertained the crowd for years and years at the Centre Court. While the crowd will undoubtedly cheer for Murray, it would be extremely difficult for him not to cheer for Fed-ex who has entertained them with some thrilling performances.

1:48 pm Federer will be playing his record eighth Wimbledon final. The Centre Court is a happening place at the moment where celebrities from all across Britain have been gathering to witness the historic final match and of course to cheer for the local boy – Andy Murray!

In case if Federer wins, he will reclaim the World No. 1 rank from Novak Djokovic and will also become the third man after Pete Sampras and William Renshaw to win seven Wimbledon titles.

The whole of United Kingdom would be cheering for the local boy – Andy Murray who has huge responsibility on his shoulders to end Britain’s drought for a Wimbledon title. Britain’s No. 1 is the first home player to get to the final since Bunny Austin in 1938.

Federer hasn’t won a Grand Slam since 2010 Australian Open final where Fed-ex easily outclassed Murray 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (11) for a fourth championship in Melbourne and 16th Grand Slam title overall.

Murray is looking to end Britain’s drought for a trophy at the Wimbledon. The 25-year-old goes into Sunday`s final having already played in – and lost – three Grand Slam finals - the 2008 US Open and 2010 and 2011 Australian Open title matches. He reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon four years on the trot and won 22 career titles.

Hello and welcome to our exclusive coverage of the men’s singles final match to be played between Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

Like the French Open final, this one also is an epic one as both the players are seeking history. While Britain’s Andy Murray is looking forward to his maiden IPL title, the King of Grass, Roger Federer is looking forwards to his seventh Wimbledon title.

Note: The timings are per the local time. The IST is four and a half hours ahead of the local time.