Wimbledon 2012, women's singles final: Serena vs Radwanska: Live Report

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Wimbledon: The scores might not suggest, but it was an excellent fight back from Agnieszka Radwanska who was a no-show in the first set. As the rain interrupted the proceedings, the Polish player got her act together and then bounced back in the second set.

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But it was very difficult for Radwanska, who has been suffering from health problems over the last few days, to stop Serena Williams, who definitely was the better player. In the third set, Williams was unstoppable with her flawless serves and it was something the Polish couldn’t do much about. But in spite of Serena’s dominance, we have experienced a great match today, WORTH A FINAL!

THIRD SET: Serena wins the third set 6-2 and WINS THE MATCH 6-1, 5-7, 6-2!

4:36pm And now Serena to serve for her fifth Wimbledon title! She wins the first game. Radwanska plays a drop shot, Serena picks that, Radwanska returns and then Serena’s shot finds the net. 15-15. Another ace by Serena, Radwanska once again couldn’t do much there. 30-15. Another good serve, 40-15, and she NOW HAS TWO CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS! And she has won ittt! After battling though the most prestigious grand slam, Serena Williams has won her fifth Wimbledon title!

THIRD SET: Serena leads 5-2
4:32pm Serena wins the first two games. 0-30. Radwanska serve finds an excellent return from Serena, 0-40. Three break points for Serena. Radwanska saves the first one, 15-40. Good serve by Radwanska, 30-40. Radwanska fought hard for this point, she wins it and saves all three break points. Radwanska has saved ten break points so far. DEUCE! Williams takes the advantage. Williams plays a very cheeky drop shot and Radwanska couldn’t do much, but to stand and praise that one! Serena has once again begun to dominate the proceedings, this shouldn’t last for long! Serena has now won four straight games in this set!

THIRD SET: Serena leads 4-2
4:27pm Serena to serve. She wins the first point. Another great serve that wins her second point. 30-0. Another ace from Williams, she is winning them with those great aces at the moment! Radwanska is a spectator on most of the occasions. 40-0. Radwanska wins her first point of the game. 40-15. Easy serve this time as Radwanska’s return finds the net.

THIRD SET: Serena leads 3-2
4:23pm Radwanska serves and both the players win a point each. 15-15. Serena wins another point of a powerful backhand. 15-30. Serena’s shot lands wide, crowd just loves that! 30-30. Power game once again from Serena as she advances to the net, jumps, screams and delivers a terrific winner! 30-40, break point for Serena! And she breaks the Radwanska’s serve.

THIRD SET: Scores levelled 2-2
4:18pm Serena wins the first two points. 30-0. Serena hits three aces in a row! Leads 40-0! And what a game! Fourth consecutive winner for Serena Williams! Superb stuff this!

THIRD SET: Radwanska leads 2-1
4:17 pm Radwanska wins the first point. Another good point between the two players and the point is finally won by Serena of a volley. 15-15. Radwanska’s shot lands just wide and now Serena leads 15-30. Double fault by Radwanska, 15-40 and Serena has two break points. Radwanska saves one of them with a good serve, 30-40. And another great backhand winner by Radwanska, saves the breakpoints and the game is back to deuce! Radwanska takes the advantage and she wins the game.

THIRD SET: Scores leveled 1-1
4:11pm Both the players won a game each and Serena then extended her lead to 30-15. Radwanska hit one very high in the air and Serena easily hits it for a winner. Serena wins the game.

THIRD SET: Radwanska leads 1-0
4:07pm Radwanska wins the first point with a backhand winner, 15-0. Serena returns the serve with a powerful backhand, 15-15. Serena tries another backhand, fails this time, 30-15. Radwanska plays a drop shot, Serena comes and hits it for a winner, 30-30. Serena returns another serve that hit the nets. 40-30. Double-fault by Radwanska, deuce! Radwanska tries to hit one backhand winner, fails and Serena gets the advantage. Serena’s return lands very wide and its deuce again! Serena’s backhand once again finds the net, Radwanska gets the advantage. An excellent return from Serena brings the game back to deuce! Serena’s forehand lands wide that gives the advantage to Radwanska. Serena’s return once again lands wide and Radwanska holds to her serve in the third set!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a GAME ON here! The Polish player looked extremely weak against Serena in the first set but now she is dominating the proceddings as a result of which Serena is making a lot many unforced errors!

SECOND SET: Radwanska wins it 7-5
3:59pm Serena to serve to stay in the set! Radwanska wins the first two points and Serena wins the third, 15-30. Serena’s backhand lands wide and now Radwanska has two set points! And she winnnsss it! Radwanska wins the second set 7-5!

SECOND SET: Radwanska leads 6-5
3:56pm Radwanska to serve and she wins the first two points. 30-0. And then another point, 40-0 and once again Radwanska holds onto her serve.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 5-5
3:54pm Serena wins the first point. 15-0. And another great rally and another superb point for Radwanska. 15-15. Serena wins the next point. 30-15. Serena wins another point of a volley. 40-15. Radwanska played some good strokes and then came to the nets, Serena saw that and her backhand whistled past Radwanska.

Radwanska has shown some aggression in the second set and the results are there! She is leading for the first time! Williams to serve to stay in the set!

SECOND SET: Radwanska leads 5-4
3:50pm Serena wins the first two points and Radwanska wins the third 15-30. Serena’s shot lands wide, 30-30. Radwanska played a drop shot and Serena had all the time to hit it any part of the court and Serena finds the net! 40-30. And another error from Serena, Radwanska holds to her serve again!

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 4-0
3:46pm Serena wins the first point, 15-0. Serena’s backhand lands wide, 15-15. Radwanska’s shot lands wide, 30-15. Double fault by Serena, 30-30. Great serve by Serena, 40-30. Radwanska wins the point and after a long time in the match, we have DEUCE! Serena hits another ace for a winner, takes the advantage. WHAT A POINT! The crowd loved that as Radwanska wins the point with a perfect backhand that deceived Serena, DEUCE once again. Serena’s shot lands wide and its first breakpoint of the match for Radwanska! Serena serves and it’s called long, she goes for a challenge and its well in. Both the players express shock at that decision, but the point will be replayed and Radwanska wins, breaks Serena’s serve!

SECOND SET: Serena leads 4-3
3:36pm Both the players win a point each, 15-15. Good drop shot from Radwanska, Serena picked it cleanly but it fell wide off the baseline. 30-15. Radwanska sends a cross-court forehand and Serena’s shot hit the nets. 40-15. Serena’s shot lands wide and she holds on to her serve.

SECOND SET: Serena leads 4-2
3:32pm Serena to serve. After a short rally, Serena’s shot lands wide. 0-15. Radwanska once again wins a point as Serena misses a backhand. Radwanska hit one high that bounced and Serena found a terrific angle for a winner. 15-30. Serena comes to the nets and hits a volley for a winner, 30-30. Radwanska’s return lands wide, 40-30. Another ace by Serena, good comeback as she was trailing 0-30 in the game!

SECOND SET: Serena leads 3-2
3:27pm Radwanska wins the first two points and Serena wins the third. 30-15. Good deep serve by Radwanska and she extends her lead to 40-15. Serena tries to hit a forehand winner and Radwanska holds her serve.

SECOND SET: Serena leads 3-1
3:24pm Serena and Radwanska win a game each. Another big ace from Serena, 30-15. Serena serves and come to the nets, but Radwanska smashes one past her opponent for a winner, 30-30. It was a good rally between the two players and Radwanska ended hitting one on the nets, 40-30. Serena wins the game.

SECOND SET: Serena leads 2-1
3:20pm Radwanska loses the first point. 0-15. Serena hits an un returnable backhand winner. 0-30. Another terrific return by Serena, 0-40, three break points for Serena. And she Serena breaks her opponents serve, wins the game.

SECOND SET: Scores leveled 1-1
3:18 pm Serena wins the first point with a winner of a volley. 15-0. Another ace from Serena 30-0. Fifth ace by Serena extends her lead to 40-0. Radwanska wins one point and Serena wins the game with a good winner.

SECOND SET: Radwanska leads 1-0
3:14pm Radwanska wins the first game of the second set, good comeback.

03:02 pm Serena Williams was the dominant of the two players. Radwanska has managed to take a few games to longer rallies, but apart from that, from what we have seen so far, Serena Williams is cruising to another Wimbledon title!

2:51 pm Well the game has been interrupted by rain at the moment. Some time for Radwanska to get her act together, may be.

FIRST SET: Serena wins it 6-1
2:48pm Serena to serve for the set. Radwanska wins the first point, 0-15 and then Serena equalizes it with a winner, 15-15. Both the player win a point each to take the score to 30-30. Ace by Serena, 40-30. Excellent serve by Serena and Serena wins the first set without much trouble!

FIRST SET: Serena leads 5-1
2:44pm Radwanska to serve. Wonderful rally between the two players and Serena finally wins it, 0-15. Double fault by Radwanska, 0-30. Serena’s return goes wide 15-30. Radwanska’s makes another unforced error, 15-40, two breakpoints for Serena. Good serve by Radwanska, 30-40. Another good serve as Serena’s return goes wide, deuce. And she follows it with an ace and takes the advantage. Serena hits a volley for a winner, deuce again. Radwanska plays a good drop shot, Serena picks it cleanly but Radwanska hits makes it a volley for a winner, takes advantage. Radwanska’s shot lands wide, deuce. Serena makes Radwanska cover a lot of court and then her shot goes wide, Radwanska gets the advantage. Another ace by Radwanska and RADWANSKA WINS HER FIRST GAME OF THE MATCH!

FIRST SET: Serena leads 5-0
2:37pm Both the players win one point each and then a powerful backhand from Serena extends her lead to 30-15. Serena serves on the body and Radwanska ends up netting it. 40-15. Another ace by Serena and she holds her serve!

FIRST SET: Serena leads 4-0
2:34pm Radwanska wins the first point with a good drop shot, Serena almost slipped while reaching for that point! 15-0. Radwanska shot lands wide, 15-15. Serena’s powerful backhand lands wide, 30-15. Radwanska’s return once again lands wide, 30-30. Lack of concentration from Radwanska. This time Serena’s forehand lands wide and Radwanska leads 40-30. First double fault for Radwanska, deuce. And once again Radwanska’s return goes wide and its break point for Serena. And Serena breaks Radwanska’s serve!

FIRST SET: Serena leads 3-0
2:28pm Serena wins the game with an excellent drop shot.

FIRST SET: Serena leads 2-0
2:23pm Radwanska serves and plays a drop shot which is hit for a winner by Serena. 0-15. Serena’s return hits the nets, 15-15. Both the players win one point each 30-30. Serena hits a cross court winner. 30-40. Radwanska makes Serena to stretch and then hits a winner to Serena’s right. Deuce, 40-40. Serena sends one cross court and Radwanska went too wide as Serena hit a volley for a winner. Serena has the advantage. A very good rally between the two, Radwanska wins it, Deuce once again. Serena tries to hit one winner which lands wide, Radwanska has the advantage and then Serena comes to the net for a volley winner! Deuce again. Radwanska’s serve produces another point for her, she has the advantage. Serena hits a cross court backhand and Radwanska’s shot lands wide. Excellent point between the two players, Serena came to the nets and Radwanska hit the ball over her head and takes the advantage. Serena wins the next point and its deuce once again. A cracking return from Serena gives her the advantage! Radwanska tried by taking a chance and loses her serve.

FIRST SET: Serena leads 1-0.

2:13pm Serena serves and wins the first point of a powerful backhand. 15-0. Serena hits one on the nets. 15-15. A great serve by Serena (114) miles wins her another point. 30-15. Radwanska’s return lands short. 401-5. And her first ace brings the first game for her!

2:07 pm Serena Williams has won the toss and she will serve!

02:03 pm The players have come on the field and the action will begin after three minutes!

1:57 pm Radwanska is seeking to become Poland's first ever Grand Slam singles champion. As per the records, Jadwiga Jedrzejowska was the last to reach a final in 1939.

Serena has won the Wimbledon title on four occasions and she would like to add another title to her name while her opponent Agnieszka Radwanska who has made it to the final of the prestigious Grand Slam title would leave no stone unturned in adding one to her CV.

Hello and welcome to the Live Coverage of the women’s singles final match to be played between Serena Williams and Agnieszka Radwanska.

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