`Now or never` Tsonga aiming to break tennis `monopoly` with Wimbledon win

London: French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has said that he is confident of breaking the monopoly of the big stars of tennis and win a Grand Slam like Wimbledon, adding that it is `now or never` for him since he is already 28 years old.

Dreaming of breaking the strangle hold of the `Big Four`- Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, the flamboyant French player said that it is necessary for him to have a big trophy since he has only a few years left on his career.

However, Tsonga said that he believed that he is capable of beating the big stars as he had already defeated Murray and Nadal at the 2008 Australian Open, although he later lost to Djokovic, adding that he has discarded his famously relaxed approach, which saw him spend two years without a coach, by appointing tough Australian Roger Rasheed to take charge of his schedule.

Tsonga lit up Paris last week, until his frustrating loss to David Ferrer, and the exuberance of his play and post-match celebrations are likely to continue at Queen`s and Wimbledon - where he has reached the semi-finals in the past two years.

Stating that he also dreams of a simpler time for him and tennis, Tsonga said that he is aware that these wry memories will soon underline a more serious point about the grinding nature of professional tennis and the way his life has changed as a player now ranked No7 in the world.