`Science` behind Murray`s spectacular success revealed

Updated: Jul 07, 2013, 11:10 AM IST

London: A complete scientific regimen has contributed to the British tennis success story of Andy Murray, which has enabled the Scot to be in prime physical condition before every match that he plays.

According to the Mirror, sports psychologist Alexis Castorri has ensured Andy plays with panache, while hiring eight-time grand slam champion Ivan Lendl had helped the player reach the Wimbledon final last year before winning the Olympic Gold and the US Open.

Andy`s fitness regime includes a two-hour afternoon catnap as well as an early night to get maximum zeds, with the British no.1 rejecting the sporting mantra of `you snooze, you lose,` the report said.

The report added that Murray`s practice partner Daniel Vallverdu has known him since they played at an academy in Barcelona in their teenage years and his partner checks out potential opponents with Lendl ahead of tournaments.

Andy does Bikram yoga to remain supple and jumps into an ice bath to help his body recover, along with starting the day with yoghurt, fruit and peanut butter and eating a plate of chicken and rice before playing, the report further said.

The Scot is also known for his liking of sushi and is rarely seen without a bottle of his lemon-coloured formula created by his nutritionist.

Murray`s girlfriend Kim is very loyal and had met the star when she was 17, with his mum being a regular fixture in the Royal Box.

There was also a mention about the player`s pets supporting him via a Twitter account run by Kim, and a deal with Adidas and Head rackets that Andy has sustained since a long time.