Andy Murray`s mum `finds love match` at Wimbledon

London: Tennis ace Andy Murray`s mother has sparked rumours of a Wimbledon romance with a BBC commentator.

Judy Murray has reportedly come very close to BBC Radio 5 Live`s sports reporter, George Riley and was seen sitting next to him during her son`s last two Wimbledon matches, the Daily Express reported.

The pair was seen on TV, laughing, whispering and sharing a bag of sweets, while in the commentary box and Riley`s colleagues mischievously commented over their budding relationship.

In the middle of the first set, commentator Jonathan Overend told listeners that Riley was taking up his accustomed seat alongside Judy and added that that `the relationship blossoms`.

Judy and Riley, both divorcees, have been exchanging jokey tweets in the recent days that always end with a kiss.