Wimbledon 2013 women’s singles final: Sabine Lisicki vs Marion Bartoli - As it happened...

Updated: Jul 06, 2013, 17:17 PM IST

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SECOND SET Bartoli wins it 6-4

Bartoli to serve for the match. She wins the first point after a good rally which ended when Lisicki’s forehand from cross court went way long, 15-0. Good serve from Bartoli, wins another point, 30-0. Top tennis from Bartoli, power packed game, wins another point that gives her three championship points! And she has won it, Bartoli fires an ace at the right time to win her maiden Grand Slam title! And what a place to win it – The Wimbledon!


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 5-4

Lisicki to serve to stay in the match. She wins the first point, 15-0. A top forehand from Bartoli, wins her another point, 15-15. Good backhand from Lisicki gives her the lead, 30-15. And she seals another point with a superb forehand, 40-15, two game points for Lisicki. Lisicki holds onto her serve! What a spectacular comeback this is from the young German!


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 5-3

Bartoli to serve for the match. Lisicki wins the first point, 0-15, the crowd loved that! Another sensational backhand from Bartoli, no reply from Lisicki, 15-15. Double-fault by Bartoli, 15-30. Bartoli wins another point with an accurate forehand down the court, 30-30. Bartoli’s forehand finds the net, Lisicki has a break point! And she has done it! Lisicki has broken Bartoli’s serve at the crucial juncture of the game!


SECOND SET Lisicki/Bartoli leads 5-2

Lisicki to serve. Bartoli wins the first two points, 0-30. Bartoli’s forehand goes wide, 15-30. Lisicki makes a blunder and her forehand went wide, two championship points for Bartoli! Lisicki saves both of them with some terrific play, deuce. Bartoli gets another match points as Lisicki;s forehand goes wide. Lisicki saves the third match point with good serve and takes the advantage with an even better serve. Lisicki serves an ace. She has saved three match points in the game!


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 5-1

Bartoli to serve. She wins the first two points, 30-0. She takes the lead, wins another point, 40-0. And Bartoli wins the game, just one more away from the title.


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 4-1

Lisicki to serve. Both the players won a point each, 15-15. Another superb backhand from Bartoli, 15-30. Lisicki wins the next two points to take the lead, 40-30. Another double-fault from Lisicki, deuce, 40-40. Lisicki is playing under tremendous pressure here! Lisicki delivers a perfect forehand winner to take the advantage. Another rocket backhand from Bartoli wins her another point, deuce again! Another double-fault by Lisicki, advantage Bartoli. Guess what, Lisicki is already crying! She wins the next point though, third deuce of the game. And now she bounces back and hits a forehand to Bartoli’s left, takes the advantage. Lisicki’s forehand once again goes long, fifth deuce of the game! And once again, Lisicki hits a backhand that goes wide, Bartoli takes the advantage. And Bartoli has once again broken Lisicki’s serve!


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 3-1

Bartoli to serve. She wins the first game as Lisicki’s return lands long, 15-0. Double-fault from Bartoli, 15-15. Lisicki’s backhand went long, 30-15. This time Lisicki plays a superb cross court backhand and Bartoli’s return falls short, 30-30. Good serve from Bartoli after which she advanced to the nets, and played a volley winner, 40-30. Good wide serve from Bartoli and Lisicki’s returns went way wide, Bartoli wins the game.


SECOND SET Bartoli leads 2-1

Lisicki to serve. Top backhand once again from Bartoli, wins the first point, 0-15 as Lisicki’s forehand went wide. Bartoli wins the game, breaks Lisicki’s serve. The French has been dominating. Lisicki is yet to find her magic back.


SECOND SET Scores level 1-1

Bartoli to serve. Top forehand from Bartoli, challenged by Lisicki, and it was OUT! Lisicki wins the first point, 0-15. Bartoli wins the second point, 15-15. Bartoli wins the second point, 30-15. Wide return from Lisicki, 40-15. After a couple of more rallies, and five deuces, Bartoli wins the game!


SECOND SET Lisicki leads 1-0

Lisicki to serve. She begins with an ace, 15-0. Another top rally between the two players and then Lisicki fires a backhand winner, 30-0. Another top backhand by Lisicki, 40-0 within no time. Bartoli wins her first point of the game after Lisicki played a drop shot which was returned by Bartoli who followed it with a volley winner, 40-15. Deep serve from Lisicki, she seals the game! Much more confident start for the German in the second set.


FIRST SET Bartoli wins it 6-1

Bartoli to serve. She wins the first two points, 30-0. Lisicki’s backhand finds the net, 40-0, and now Bartoli has three set points! Bartoli wins the first set after Lisicki’s forehand once again hit the nets. Bartoli has dominated the proceedings so far and Lisicki’s fans must be disappointed.


FIRST SET Bartoli leads 5-1

Lisicki to serve. Good serve as she wins the first point, 15-0. Bartoli won the second point to level the score, 15-15. Lisicki won two more points, 40-15. Bartoli wins the next point as Lisicki’s backhand went wide, 40-30. Lisicki’s forehand this time goes wide, deuce, 40-40. Bartoli took the advantage but then Lisicki bounced the game back to deuce! Lisicki takes the advantage with a good serve, followed by a forehand winner. Some superb play from Bartoli wins her another point, deuce again! Both the players executed two good drop shots and Lisicki replied with a winner, advantage Lisicki. The game is back to deuce, fourth deuce of the game after Lisicki’s backhand hit the nets. Double-fault by Lisicki that gives Bartoli another break point! Lisicki’s hit a forehand winner that went wide and Bartoli wins her fifth game in a row!


FIRST SET Bartoli leads 4-1

Bartoli to serve. She wins the first point, 15-0. Top rally between these two once again and Bartoli executed one of her powerful backhands as Lisicki’s return fell short, 30-0. Bartoli extended her lead after Lisicki’s shot went wide, 40-0. Good serve by Bartoli and she seals the game!


FIRST SET Bartoli leads 3-1

Lisicki to serve. She loses the first point after her forehand went long, 0-15. Lisicki is playing under some pressure as her forehand hits the nets, 0-30. This time she sends Bartoli running to her right and her returns lands short, 15-30. Another top rally between the two players which ended when Bartoli worked a volley winner towards Lisicki’s left. That gives Bartoli two break points! Bartoli’s return of serve hits the nets, 30-40, one break point remaining. And Bartoli once again breaks Lisicki’s serve as the German makes another double-fault.


FIRST SET Bartoli leads 2-1

Bartoli to serve. Lisicki’s forehand found the nets, 15-0. Good volley between the two players, fault made by Bartoli who advanced to the nets, had ample of time but hit the nets, 15-15. Bartoli’s backhand once again hits the nets, 15-30. This time Lisicki’s forehand landed wide, 30-30. Lisicki’s forehand went wide, 40-30, game point for Bartoli. She wins the game with a perfect ace!


FIRST SET Scores level 1-1

Lisicki to serve. Both the players won a point each after which Bartoni took the lead, 15-30. Lisicki’S forehand then went wide but she followed it with an ace to reduce the lead, 30-40. Guess what, double-fault from Lisicki and now Bartoli breaks!


FIRST SET Lisicki leads 1-0

Bartoli to serve. Lisicki failed to return the second serve as it found an edge from her racket, 15-0. Bartoli played some aggressive tennis in the second point, made Lisicki run a lot and then her forehand went wide, 15-15. Good serve but a fantastic return from Lisicki gives her the lead, 15-30. Top backhand from Lisicki as she wins another point to get two break points immediately. Bartoli saves the first break point with back-to-back powerful backhands, 30-40. Superb play from Bartoli who advanced to the nets and then delivered a forehand winner, she has now saved two break points, DEUCE, 40-40. Double-fault from Bartoli, advantage Lisicki. Another double-fault from Bartoli and she has lost the opening game! Two costly double-faults from Bartoli!


Hello and welcome to our Live coverage of Wimbledon 2013, women’s singles final. While we all expected some upsets from the tournament, nobody would have imagined that the final would be played between two players who aren’t even in the top ten.

Sabine Lisicki has been a sensation as she ousted the World No. 1 Serena Williams in a convincing manner in the fourth round. Serena was the favourite to win the tournament as she looked invincible with her power packed game during the initial phases of the tournament. But then she played against the 23-year-old German who with her determination and gutsy play created another major upset in Wimbledon 2013. The 23rd seed Lisicki defeated fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska 6-4 2-6 9-7 in a thrilling semi-final to reach her first Wimbledon final.

On the other hand, Marion Bartoli is not new to a Wimbledon final. She played her first Wimbledon final in 2007 where she was defeated by Venus Williams. The Frenchwoman comprehensively won the semi-final match where she defeated her Belgian opponent Kirsten Flipkens in straight sets 6-1, 6-2. While she is up against Lisicki, who has been extraordinary right through this tournament, Bartoli would want to make the best out of her second Wimbledon final appearance.