Andy Murray`s shamed on-air by own mother for having `smelliest feet`

London: Former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray`s mother has revealed on-air that the tennis ace has the `smelliest feet` and is extremely messy.

Murray`s mother Judy revealed that the tennis ace, who won the annual tournament last year, is extremely messy compared to his older brother.

Judy said that Murray and his tennis player sibling Jamie just have a one-year age gap and despite that their hygiene habits are as different as night and day.

Judy said that Murray has got the smelliest feet and he`s very untidy, and Jamie is tidy. She added that both her sons are so different from each other in so many ways.

Murray`s mother went on to say that the two tennis-mad boys were such bitter rivals while growing up that one fight left the former Wimbledon champion`s fingernail severely damaged.

Judy said that it is a wobbly, horrible looking nail, and is a great reminder to Murray not to gloat about beating Jamie, because the older brother absolutely nailed him with a fist right into his hand.