Only whites at Wimbledon, even the undies!

London: Wimbledon organisers have announced a crackdown on players aiming to sneak colours into their outfits over the next two weeks, extending right down to their underwear.

Under the new guidelines, players might only break up their all-white outfits with a coloured trim of 1cm width and even then it should only be on the edge of a garment.

According to, the new rules also includes underwear and items that become visible during play due to perspiration, which means no coloured bras as well.

If a player is found breaking the rules, they would be sent to the referees` office where a supply of `suitable clothing` would be given to them to change.

Wimbledon spokesman Jon Friend said that the rule was in place last year but not strongly enforced and that is about to change this year.

Friend said that there is now a clarification and if there was a question in years gone by those questions have been well and truly answered.

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