EC reprimands Guj Cong chief for remarks against Modi
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Friday, April 25, 2014 

EC reprimands Guj Cong chief for remarks against Modi

Last Updated: Friday, December 14, 2012, 21:45
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New Delhi: The Election Commission has reprimanded Gujarat Congress chief Arjun Modhwadia for violation of Model Code of Conduct for his "monkey" remarks against Chief Minister Narendra Modi and for raking up the issue of his married life during campaigning last month.

"The Commission has decided to reprimand Shri Arjun Modhwadia for the aforesaid violation of the Model Code of Conduct and warns him to be careful in future," said an EC order.

The Commission had on November 21 slapped a notice on Modhwadia for violating the Model Code for his remarks against Modi during campaigning at Vadodra on November 2.

Modhwadia had said, "Every morning he asks Dr Manmohan Singh, come and fight elections against me...Just as a monkey climbs a tree and sitting up on that tree asks the lion standing down on the ground to come up, come up..."

He had also said, "Every day he repeats Dr Manmohan Singh ...Manubhai is sitting here...He is infected with rabies... Manubhai, he has been bitten by rabid dog..."

Besides, he had also raked up Modi's personal life by stating, "Chief Minister, within your life what about your married life? Gujarat knows it. Why don't you disclose it one day? And why it didn't work out after marrying..."

As per the Model Code, "criticism of other political parties and candidates, when made, shall be confined to their policies and programme, past record and work. Parties and candidates shall refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life, not connected with the public activities of the leaders or workers of other parties."


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First Published: Friday, December 14, 2012, 20:20
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onkar choudhary - surat
there must be no comment about private life to any one by any one it is wrong

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