‘Cong can never improve poor state of affairs`
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‘Cong can never improve poor state of affairs'
Last Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2012, 21:13
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Lucknow: Terming the 'Vision Document 2020' of Congress as a "visionless paper", BJP on Saturday claimed that it can never improve poor state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh.

"Congress released its vision document -- Vision 2020 for Uttar Pradesh at 10 places with much fan fare, but after reading it, it is clear that the document is a visionless paper," BJP former national secretary Sudheendra Kulkarni told reporters here.

The 'Vision Document 2020', released by Congress yesterday, lays out the roadmap for all round development by bringing in key changes in sectors like education, employment and economy.

Kulkarni claimed that after comparing it with BJP's vision document and manifesto, Congress' poor vision becomes more visible.

"The party whose vision is so poor can never improve poor state of affairs in UP," he said.

"Congress has promised eight hours of power to all by 2020 - eight hours to farmers during day and eight hours power to homes during night. This means that farmers, workers, craftsmen and students have to wait till 2050 for 24 hours power supply," he said.

BJP has promised 24 hours power supply to all in next five years, he said.

"We have done it in Gujarat where Narendra Modi-led government launched Jyotigram scheme which is being praised internationally," Kulkarni claimed.

The BJP leader said that in its vision document, Congress has not mentioned from where power would come and what steps would be taken.

"We have laid down a roadmap in our manifesto by setting up 10 ultra mega power projects, which will produce additional 20,000 MW power," he said.

Further attacking the Congress for its promise to bring a new green revolution in the state, he said, "I would like to ask Rahul Gandhi when power will be supplied for only eight hours what type of green revolution will come. Is it possible."

"The party has also promised to increase gross domestic production to 10 per cent. Rahul Gandhi should reply that whether this growth rate is possible with only eight hours power supply," he asked.

He alleged that the vision document was nothing more than "personality cult of Nehru-Gandhi family."


First Published: Saturday, January 28, 2012, 21:13



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