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Why astronomers didn`t detect Russian meteor before it hit Earth on February 15

Last Updated: Friday, March 08, 2013, 13:35

We didn`t receive any warning about the Russian meteor before it hit the Earth because small asteroids are very difficult to spot with telescopes as they only reflect a little sunlight.

Meteorite perfume to be launched

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 06, 2013, 19:14

Authorities in the Chelyabinsk region, which was hit by a meteorite Feb 15, have announced plans to launch a new perfume with the scent of the celestial body, which brought the Urals city to international fame.

UFO, plane crash, start of war? Russians thought it all

Last Updated: Friday, March 01, 2013, 21:31

Around half of the people in a Russian city hit by falling fragments from a meteorite saw the celestial visitor streak across the sky, but only a small number correctly identified it, an opinion poll said Friday.

Russian meteor blast resonated from Greenland to Antarctica

Last Updated: Thursday, February 28, 2013, 18:10

The meteor strike over the steppes of southwestern Russia sent a low-frequency rumble bouncing through the Earth, giving scientists new clues about the biggest cosmic intruder in 100 years.

Origin of Russian meteor tracked down

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 12:44

A team of astronomers from Colombia has traced the origin of the meteor that struck central Russia earlier this month injuring about 1,000 people.

UFO spotted in US after Russian meteor strike

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 10:23

After the recent meteor strike in Russia, two Grants Pass residents have revealed that they witnessed an unidentified flying object hovering over the Southern Oregon night sky.

Russia`s Chelyabinsk recovers from meteor crash

Last Updated: Monday, February 25, 2013, 08:17

Emergency services have repaired most of the damage caused by a meteor that shook Russia`s Chelyabinsk region.

Russians believe meteor strike could have been UFO or God`s message

Last Updated: Saturday, February 23, 2013, 13:56

A recent newspaper poll found that nearly half of its readers believe that the meteor strike in Russia could be anything from a divine message to UFOs to a US weapons test.

Russian meteor damage estimated at over $30 mn

Last Updated: Monday, February 18, 2013, 10:51

Russian authorities estimate that the meteor that entered the Earth`s atmosphere and exploded in the sky over the Ural Mountains region caused more than $30 million in damage.

Russian meteor exploded with force of 30 Hiroshima N-bombs

Last Updated: Sunday, February 17, 2013, 13:26

The meteor that streaked across the Russian skies on Friday, injuring around 1,200 people, exploded with a force 30 times greater than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb, NASA scientists say.

Friday`s meteor and asteroid `once in 1,000-years event`

Last Updated: Sunday, February 17, 2013, 13:04

As scientists were gearing up to witness an asteroid`s closest ever approach to Earth on Friday, a sizeable meteor exploded over Russia, causing thousands of injuries and major damage to buildings.

Russian meteor strike had force of nuclear bomb, says scientist

Last Updated: Saturday, February 16, 2013, 14:34

The meteor strike in a Russian city that left numerous people injured, had exploded in the atmosphere with the force of an atomic bomb, according to an American researcher.