Khaleda Zia`s son indicted for 2004 grenade attack

Bangladesh`s ex-PM Khaleda Zia`s "fugitive" elder son and 29 others were
indicted by a Dhaka court over a 2004
grenade attack.

2004 grenade attack: Ex-Bangladesh minister quizzed in police custody

Bangladeshi investigators have quizzed a former BNP minister for his suspected links to the 2004 grenade attack on PM Sheikh Hasina.

2004 grenade attack was conspiracy to kill Hasina

The grenade attack on PM
Sheikh Hasina in 2004 was a conspiracy to kill her
using banned Harkatul Jihad (HuJI) which was hatched by
opposition BNP leaders at the office of party chief Khaleda
Zia`s son, according to a media report.