London protesters march against `capitalist` Games

About 500 people critical of the economic impact and corporate flavour of the London Olympics marched near the Olympic Park.

`Toilet trouble` at London Olympic Games Village

Transport and security woes came visiting the London Olympics organisers in ample measure ahead of the greatest sporting show on earth.

Olympics visa scam: UK agents in Pakistan

Highly-trained British agents have been in Pakistan to prevent security breaches during the Olympic Games in London.

Terror threat looms over London Olympics

A report said that private security firm, G4S, staff hired to look into London Olympics security are cheating their way ‘through the tests’.

Iranian President may visit London for Olympics

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he would like to be with Iranian athletes in London 2012 Olympic Games to encourage them.

`No specific terror threat to London Olympics`

Philip Hammond said that an elaborate military exercise had been carried out in London to prepare against any unforeseen security threats.

Britain burns: Riots spread through UK cities

Violence and looting raged across London and spread to three other major British cities on Tuesday.