India`s first indigenous amphibious assault ship turns 25

INS Magar, India`s first indigenous amphibious assault ship observed its 25th anniversary here.

Kylie Minogue to mark 25th anniversary with special hits compilation

Kylie Minogue is set to celebrate her 25th anniversary in music career by reworking a collection of her classic hits for a special compilation.

Lotus Temple to celebrate 25th anniversary

Bahai House of Worship will celebrate its 25th anniversary on Sunday.

Bhopal`s "factory of death" leaves toxic legacy 25 yrs on

It was seen as a symbol of the new emerging India -- a factory that would not only generate thousands of jobs, but manufacture cheap pesticides for millions of farmers.

Bhopal: Bearing the brunt for 25 years

Who could have imagined the agony and suffering that the chilly night of 2/3 December 1984 brought with it?