`Osama’s death didn’t end US fight against terror’

US and other nations of the world face a long-term struggle against murderous ideology of terrorism, said Hillary Clinton.

Man arrested in Los Angeles after false bomb alert

Eugenio Parades boarded a city bus holding a bag with wires exposed that looked like an explosive device.

Tears unite Americans on 10th anniversary of 9/11

Barack Obama and George W Bush stood together in New York for the main ceremony at the site of destroyed Twin Towers.

Hope and heroism: Obama hails post-9/11 resilience

US President honoured the legacy of September 11 victims by personally tracing the trail of terrorist attacks.

US troops in Afghanistan mark 9/11

US soldiers paid solemn tribute on Sunday to victims of September 11 at bases across Afghanistan.

China uses 9/11 to crack down on Xinjiang

China has attributed any social unrest in Xinjiang to the forces of terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.

A changed America: Marking 10 years since 9/11

With federal officials warning of a new terrorism scare, Barack Obama has called for a heightened state of vigilance.