Facebook user Phuc Dat Bich says name is a 'prank'

The prankster "Phuc Dat Bich" gained more than 45,000 new followers after his spoof posts.

 World facing 'grave environmental crisis', warns Pope Francis

Pope Francis said the world was facing a "grave environmental crisis" as he arrived in Kenya today on a landmark Africa trip just days before a crucial UN summit aimed at curbing climate change.

 UK swings austerity axe but spares key welfare scheme, police

Britain announced a fresh round of deep cuts to public spending today but dropped a plan to cut welfare payments for the poorest and spared the police from savings after the Paris attacks.

 New Portugal PM forms government in delicate balancing act

Portugal's new Prime Minister Antonio Costa on Wednesday formed a new government that will have to pull off a tricky balancing act, satisfying both Brussels and his allies on the radical left.

 US sanctions Syria for buying oil from Islamic State group

The United States imposed sanctions on Wednesday on supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government, including a middleman it alleged buys oil for the regime from the Islamic State group.

 Palestinian stabs Israeli in West Bank, is shot dead

A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli in the neck in the southern West Bank on Wednesday and was shot dead by forces at the scene, the Army and a hospital said.

 ISIS claims Tunisia attack, suspected bomber's body found

The Islamic State group on Wednesday claimed the deadly bombing of a presidential guard bus in the Tunisian capital.

 Russia says jet downing 'provocation' as pilot denies warning from Turkey

One of the Russian pilots of a fighter jet shot down by Turkey on the Syrian border told state media on Wednesday that there was no prior warning from the Turks.

 Iran general Soleimani lightly wounded in Syria

General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' foreign operations wing, was lightly injured in fighting against Syria rebels near Aleppo, a monitoring group and a security source said on Wednesday.

 10 kilos of explosives used in Tunis bomb: Ministry

The bus bombing that killed at least 12 people in Tunisia's capital was carried out using 10 kilos of explosives in either a vest or a rucksack, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.