China forms huge army of vigilantes to fight terrorism

Ahead of the APEC summit here next month, China has mobilised an army of over 850,000 vigilantes to be on the look out for "terrorists", adding teeth to the country's war on terror, specially against militants from the restive Xinjiang province.

China, Indonesia to cooperate on ocean conservation

China and APEC host Indonesia have signed an agreement to work together on marine conservation and ocean monitoring. They have called on other members to join in as part of the push for sustainable development, an official said here Tuesday.

Libya summons US envoy after suspected al Qaeda leader`s capture

Two days after the capture of suspected al Qaeda leader, Anas al-Libi, Libya has summoned US envoy over the raid which it had termed as ‘kidnap’.

Indonesia tightens security for APEC summit

Indonesia, the host for this year`s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, has tightened security on Bali Island, where the two-day summit will be held from Monday, as more leaders arrived.

Russia `sorry` Putin, Obama cannot meet

The Kremlin is sorry the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama will not take place at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian leader, told reporters Friday.

Tit-for-tat? ‘Obama won’t attend Russia summit`

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is scheduled to be held on September 01-08 in Vladivostok.

Japan, China leaders meet at APEC amid tensions

The meeting between Japan`s PM and Chinese Prez was announced at last minute.

Japan`s ambassador to return to Moscow after APEC summit

Japan`s ambassador to Russia, Masaharu Kono is unlikely to return to Moscow before the end of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, due in Yokohama November 13-14, Kyodo news agency said, quoting.

APEC agrees to promote nuclear power: Reports

Asia-Pacific ministers and officials
agreed Saturday to promote renewable sources and nuclear power in a bid to maintain energy security and cut greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

Obama in China; unlikely to push hard on currency

In his visit to Beijing this week, President Barack Obama is expected to tread lightly when pressing China to let its currency rise against the dollar.

World leaders at APEC summit drop climate target

Asia-Pacific leaders Sunday vowed to work for an "ambitious outcome" at next month`s Copenhagen climate talks but gave no target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

China-US spar over currencies ahead of Obama visit

The United States and China sparred over exchange rates at a meeting of Asia Pacific leaders on Sunday, pointing to tricky talks ahead for President Barack Obama when he flies to China to address economic tensions.

APEC leaders vow new economic model after crisis

Asia-Pacific leaders including the US and Chinese presidents Sunday pledged to reject trade protectionism and pursue a new strategy for growth after the world`s worst economic crisis in decades.

APEC drops 50% emission cut target: China

Asia-Pacific leaders will drop a
fixed target for halving greenhouse gas emissions in a final
summit statement, a Chinese official said on Saturday.

Asia-Pacific leaders warn of mounting protectionism

Singling out the United States for trends "going in the opposite sense of free trade" Mexican President Felipe Calderon said on Saturday trade protectionism is a major threat to the global economic recovery.

Asia leading world out of downturn: APEC leaders

China, India and other Asian countries are leading the world out of the global economic crisis, business leaders said Friday, as finance ministers pledged to make Asia-Pacific a cheaper region to do business in by 2015.

APEC to back "market-oriented" currencies

Asia-Pacific governments were expected on Thursday to stick with economic stimulus plans and make a joint call for market-oriented exchange rates to ensure the fragile recovery under way can be sustained.

Economic crisis is not over: APEC ministers

Asia-Pacific ministers warned on Wednesday that the global economic crisis was far from over and a current upturn was a respite rather than recovery.

APEC seeks sweeping world emission cuts by 2050

Asia-Pacific leaders plan to call for sweeping cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at a summit here next week, according to a draft communique obtained by a news agency on Friday.