Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif heckled during speech in US

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was on Friday heckled by a protester who demanded to free the restive Balochistan province where activists say army is engaged in abductions, torture and killings.

UN slams North Korea for 'systematic' abductions of foreigners

The UN Human Rights Council on Friday harshly criticised North Korea for the "systematic abduction" of foreigners, after a UN investigation found the country had snatched up to 200,000 foreign nationals.

UN expert demands international action on N Korea abductions

A United Nations rights expert squared off with North Korea on Monday, urging the global community to resolve the fate of 200,000 people allegedly abducted by Pyongyang, and to refer perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.

Amnesty condemns new wave of Central African violence

Amnesty International today accused Central African militias of killings, mutilation of bodies and abductions in a fresh wave of violence, calling for more peacekeepers to stop the bloodshed.

North Korea agrees to probe abductions, Japan reciprocates with easing of sanctions

Japan has decided to lift some sanctions on North Korea on Thursday, after talks with Pyongyang`s assured of an investigation into abductions carried out decades ago.

Nigeria arrests businessman in connection with girls` abductions

Nigerian troops have arrested a businessman suspected of being at the head of a Boko Haram intelligence network that helped plan the abduction of more than 200 school girls in the northeast, the military said on Tuesday.

Sharp rise in people fleeing eastern Ukraine: UNHCR

Some 16,400 people fled their homes in eastern Ukraine in the past week, many citing deteriorating security and fears of abduction, and the number of displaced within the country has risen to 54,000, the United Nations said on Friday.

Japan, North Korea to hold new talks on abductions: Tokyo

Japan said Wednesday it would hold another round of talks with North Korea next week to check progress in Pyongyang`s promised investigation into the fate of Japanese citizens abducted during the Cold War.

North Korea agrees to reinvestigate all Japanese abductions: PM Shinzo Abe

North Korea has agreed to reinvestigate all abductions of Japanese citizens, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday, in what appeared to be a significant breakthrough on an issue that has long hampered Tokyo`s relations with Pyongyang.

Boko Haram menace: Nigeria police offer $300K reward for info on missing girls

The number of girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram militant outfit has risen to 11 on Wednesday after three more girls were reportedly abducted from a village in Nigeria`s northeast.

UN panel probes N Korean abductions of Japanese

A UN team probing North Korea`s human rights record Thursday heard of the pain experienced by Japanese families when their loved ones vanished, abducted to train Pyongyang`s spies.

Mullah Omar says kidnappings `bringing bad name` to Taliban

Mullah Mohammad Omar has admitted recently that some of Taliban`s area commanders were involved in the business of kidnapping for ransom, bringing bad name to the Taliban movement.

Iran summons Swiss envoy over abductions in Syria

The Swiss embassy in Tehran represents US interests in Iran since both severed diplomatic relations in 1980.

Over 50 Hindus kidnapped in Balochistan province

The rise in kidnappings has forced Hindus to migrate from Balochistan to other parts of the country.