Youth Congress protest outside Pakistan High Commission

The Delhi Youth Congress on Saturday staged a protest outside the Pakistan High Commission here over the Gurdaspur terror attack and Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan's derogatory remark about late former president APJ Abdul Kalam.

APJ Abdul Kalam was just an ordinary scientist: Pakistan's AQ Khan
APJ Abdul Kalam was just an ordinary scientist: Pakistan's AQ Khan

At a time when the whole country is mourning the sudden demise of former president APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Qadeer Khan, the ‘disgraced’ Pakistani nuclear scientist, has described Dr Kalam as just an `ordinary` scientist.

Bush cites AQ Khan to say nuclear proliferation biggest threat

A top Republican presidential aspirant has cited the now defunct network of Pakistan's disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan to dwell on the dangers of nuclear proliferation in particular efforts of rogue states like North Korea and Libya to acquire nuclear technology.

Pakistan`s AQ Khan doubts North Korea will use nukes

Disgraced scientist AQ Khan, the father of Pakistan`s nuclear programme, has said he doubts North Korea will explode an atomic device in its current face-off with the United States and South Korea.

Pakistan may disintegrate again, warns AQ Khan

Pakistan is at present in a worse situation than it was in 1971, said disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Pakistan lacks able leadership: AQ Khan

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, has said Pakistan is passing through a crucial stage and there was no able leader in the country who could bring about a positive change.

Pak’s elite behave like foreign agents: AQ Khan

Pakistan`s disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan lamented the "current inept and corrupt rulers" for destroying the country.

Pakistan built nuclear warhead by 1984: AQ Khan

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan said US intelligence estimates of Pakistan`s nuclear programme were 10 years behind the country`s actual nuclear status.

I was joking about entering politics: Dr AQ Khan

Disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan had earlier expressed a desire to pursue a career in politics.

Pak scientist AQ Khan wants to contest elections

Disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan suggested the formation of a government of technocrats.

`Musharraf could have become Gorbachev of Pak’

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has claimed that former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf had caused enormous damage to the country.

AQ Khan supplied Nuke technology to India?

Joshua Pollack, who writes on nuclear issues, said Khan
"provided the shortcut to a nuclear weapon" to India besides
Iran, Libya and North Korea.

AQ Khan’s name not in Exit Control List: Pak Attorney General

The Pakistan Supreme Court has been told that disgraced nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s name does not figure in the Exit Control List (ECL).

Pakistani court to lift curbs on AQ Khan

A Pakistani court on Friday ordered the government to lift any remaining restrictions on a scientist alleged to have spread nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, his lawyer said.