Australian lawmakers flag changes to racial laws

Aborigines argue the laws protect them from being persecuted by the media.

Australia targets Aborigines in anti-smoking drive

Australia hopes to halve 50 percent of indigenous people who smoke by 2018.

Aboriginal tribes created a sundial 10,000 yrs ago

A new find from Oz has suggested that ancient Aboriginal tribes were the world’s first astronomers.

Australia`s Aborigines to launch political party

An Aboriginal activist hopes to give disadvantaged "first people" a voice.

Australia to hold constitutional referendum on Aborigines

PM Gillard said Oz first peoples had "a unique and special place" in nation.

Australian Aborigines `world`s first astronomers`

An Oz study has uncovered signs that the country`s ancient Aborigines may have been the world`s first stargazers.

Australian aborigines reject nuclear waste plant

Aborigines from northern Australia rejected government’s plans to build a plant for nuclear waste storage in their territories.

Cherie Blair to act for Aborigines in nuclear case

The barrister wife of former prime minister Tony Blair will represent a group of Australian Aborigines suing the British government over nuclear testing on their land, a report said on Saturday.

UN envoy slams Australia on Aborigines, racism `entrenched`

A United Nations envoy slammed Australia`s military-led crackdown on remote Aboriginal communities and said racism was "entrenched" in the country in a damning assessment on Thursday.